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Lakeport Plantation, 3CH90

Lakeport Plantation
Lakeport Plantation

Lakeport Plantation, on the Mississippi River in Chicot County, was established by the 1830s and is today centered on a well-preserved Southern plantation home of classic design. The house, built in the 1850s, is one of the few "Gone with the Wind" type plantation houses surviving in Arkansas, and it may in fact have been only one of a few constructed at its scale. The farm land itself continues in cotton after 150 years. Stewart-Abernathy first visited the plantation headquarters in 1984, photographed the outbuildings (most of which are now gone), prepared a sketch map of the headquarters complex, and conducted some initial oral history interviews. The house was put on the National Register in 1974, and documented by the Historic American Building Survey in 1984.

The dairy
The dairy at Lakeport

The Lakeport house and plantation are being considered again as part of an effort to prepare an Historic Structure Report. This report will include full documentation of the house, plans for rehabilitation, and a summary of the archeological potential. The project is directed by Claudia Shannon, is funded by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, and includes architectural historians and designers, an historic property development consultant, an historian, and Stewart-Abernathy as archeologist.

Stewart-Abernathy has conducted an initial archeological walk-over including a surface examination of the "Quarters" area, carried out taped oral history interviews, and is working closely with the team to develop proposals for easement boundaries to incorporate as much of the archeologically significant landscape as possible.

Visit the Arkansas Stories Web site for more information on the Lakeport project.


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