Current Projects
The Blytheville Station has grand plans for 2012. We are undertaking a collection rehabilitations project that entails sorting, reboxing, and cataloguing over 40 years' worth of artifacts currently held in our collections.

Lithic flakes from the Eaker site being categorized
We are also cracking down and getting the last of the artifacts from the Eaker site analyzed so that the final site report can be completed and published. We are excited to finally see it all coming together.

In addition to these large projects, we are working on getting some of the more important and interesting sites in our area mapped. We can make topographic maps with our equipment, but we are hoping to be able to get the geophysical mapping team down from Fayetteville to make maps of some of the large and previously excavated and published sites in the area to see what new information we can learn with these exciting, new, non-invasive techniques.

Lastly, we plan to get dirty out in the field and put in some test units at sites around the area to see how far back the archeology goes and how the earthquake activity in the Delta has affected these sites since they were abandoned.

2m x 2m test excavation unit being started in Yarbro

If you would like to be involved in any capacity contact Michelle Rathgaber, station assistant, at 870-532-9104 or We are looking forward to getting everyone excited about archeology in Mississippi and Crittenden Counties!

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