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The CO in FayettevilleThe Survey's Coordinating Office houses the administrative offices of the Survey, including the State Archeologist, Registrar, Computer Services Program, Sponsored Research Program, and Publications staff. The C.O. is located near the University of Arkansas' Fayetteville campus. One of the Survey's Research Stations is housed here as well.

The Survey's Administrative staff consists of the Survey Director, the Assistant Director for Fiscal Affairs, Administrative Secretary, Accountant, and Publications Manager. Dr. Thomas J. Green joined the Survey as director in 1992, and the organization has continued to grow and improve under his skilled administration.

The State Archeologist coordinates the Survey's public archeology and historic preservation programs, acting as liaison to various state agencies, nominating sites to the National Register of Historic Places, and overseeing the Survey's Education Outreach Program. The State Archeologist has been a driving force behind the implementation and success of the Arkansas Archeological Society and coordinates joint projects, such as the Society Training Program and Arkansas Archeology Week. The State Archeologist is Dr. Ann Early, who replaced Hester Davis, Arkansas's first state archeologist, upon her retirement in 1999.

Registrar Lela Donat assists graduate student Rachel Black The Registrar's Office is the repository for all archeological records within the state. It maintains a computerized data base on over 46,881 recorded archeological sites, and over 6543 archeological projects. The office also houses the photographic archives and supervises the curation of archeological materials in the care of the Survey. Archeological Records Forms are available for download on the Registrar's page.

The Education Program is responsible for the production and distribution of educational materials for teachers, school children, and the general public. Two publications in the popular series are available on Arkansas prehistory and historic tribes. The Flyer Series contains brief overviews of a variety of topics on Arkansas archeology, available free upon request. Slide shows, exhibits, a Discovery Box, and the video, Arkansas: Crossroads of the Past, are available for teachers to borrow. Visit the Teaching Resources page for information on free loan materials.

The Computer Services Program provides computer support to all Survey programs. There is an on-line access system for state and federal agencies needing archeological information, and a state-of-the-art geographic information system allowing detailed analysis of site and project location, as well as spatially oriented research at any scale. The archeological databases created and operated by the Arkansas Archeological Survey are acknowledged as among the best in the United States. The newest component of the Survey's computer applications program is a full complement of remote sensing technologies for near-surface prospection on prehistoric and historic archeological sites.

The Sponsored Research Program conducts or administers archeological research through contracts and grants. Private contractors as well as federal and state agencies contract directly with the SRP to provide archeological services to comply with federal and state historic preservation laws. Dr. Robert Mainfort is administrator of the Program.

The Publications Program is responsible for the production and editing of archeological monographs, reports, and flyers. The Survey's peer reviewed Research Series and Popular Series are publication outlets open to all scholars. The Survey also has a Research Report and Technical Paper series that publishes Survey sponsored and generated research.

Contact the Coordinating Office for further information on any of these programs:

Arkansas Archeological Survey
2475 N. Hatch, Fayetteville, AR 72704
(479) 575-3556

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