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Dr. Jami J. Lockhart, CSP Coordinator and Director of Archaeogeophysical Research
Deborah Weddle, Information Technology Support and Web Application Development
John Samuelsen, Web Application Development and Database Management

The Survey's Computer Services Program (CSP) is responsible for all aspects of electronic information management, including systems administration, computer operations, equipment purchasing, research, instruction, and user support throughout the organization. The Automated Management of Archeological Site Data in Arkansas (AMASDA) database is one of the most comprehensive such applications in the country. The Survey has worked toward an approach that integrates the different data structures and digital tools being used in archeological research and cultural resource management today. Key components of this integrated approach include geographic information systems (GIS), relational database management systems, and exploratory data analysis. CSP provides online access to AMASDA for qualified subscribers and is working to provide web-enabled database access (with some information categories password-protected) for agencies involved with cultural resource management in Arkansas. Our educational web sites are maintained in response to public interest as well as agency and research needs. The newest component of the Survey's computer applications program is a full complement of remote sensing technologies for near-surface prospection on prehistoric and historic archeological sites.


Dr. Jami J. Lockhart, CSP Coordinator and Director of Archeogeophysical Research - Lockhart holds a B.A. in Regional Studies, an M.A. in Geography, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Dynamics from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. He has been the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator for 21 years, the Coordinator of the Computer Services Program for 18 years, and the Director of Archaeogeophysical Research for 9 years. He is also an Assistant Professor in the University of Arkansas' Department of Anthropology. Lockhart's research interests include cultural resource management, as well as historic and prehistoric cultural landscape analysis using integrated databases, geographic information systems (GIS), space-based and aerial remote sensing, and archaeogeophysics.

Deborah Weddle, Information Technology Support and Internet Applications - Deborah received a B.A. degree in anthropology at UAF in 1993. She began working for the Survey as a student archeological laboratory and field technician before moving permanently to the CSP. Her specializations include web application development, GIS, and the use of multimedia technologies for education.

John Samuelsen, Research Assistant - John R. Samuelsen received his B.A. degree in Anthropology and B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Florida in 2004.  He began working at the Survey that same year developing a new rock art website while attending the University of Arkansas Fayetteville for a Master's degree in anthropology. John's specializations include web application development, database management, GIS, 3D visualizations, and southeastern archeology.

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