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Among the Survey's newest developments is the addition of a comprehensive program of near-surface archaeogeophysical remote sensing. The term Archaeogeophysics describes a range of non-destructive methods for locating and analyzing subsurface archeological and cultural features. In addition to their utility in conventional archeological applications, these methods also facilitate larger interpretations of intrasite settlement pattern and social organization. Through post-processing of the geophysical data, maps of cultural features and other data anomalies can be georeferenced to actual field coordinates using GIS. Then, using Total Station technology, subsurface features can be located on-site with centimeter-level accuracy for archeological testing, as needed. Jami Lockhart directs the program, and, along with other Survey personnel and Arkansas Archeological Society members, has completed more than 50 geophysical projects within the State and elsewhere. Near-surface remote sensing is revolutionizing archeological methodology, and the Survey endeavors to remain at the forefront of this development using five geophysical technologies: magnetometry, electrical resistance, electromagnetic conductivity, magnetic susceptibility and ground penetrating radar.


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