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House Bill 1653
Concerning the Ownership, Administration, and Regulation of Islands, Submerged Lands, and Property Located on the Islands of Submerged Lands; and for Other Purposes

Act 82 of 1959
Establishes State Program of Archeological Research at UAF

Act 39 of 1967
Establishes Arkansas Archeological Survey

Act 58 of 1967
State Antiquities Act

Act 480 of 1977
Establishes Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

Act 21-13 (1981)
State and Local Government Volunteers Act

Act 523 of 1989
Arkansas Cave Protection Act

Act 753 of 1991
Grave Protection Act

Act 1533 of 1999
Grave Protection Act Amendment

Act 217 of 2007 PDF Arkansas Act 217
An Act to Protect Archeological Sites and to Increase the Penalties for Disturbing Archeological Sites

Act 705 of 2011 PDF Arkansas Act 705
An Act to Amend Arkansas Law Concerning Burial Furniture Associated with Human Skeletal Burial Remains


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