South Central Historical Archeology Conference

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PDF SCHAC Style Guide
PDF SCHAC 14 Program & Abstracts - Mobile, AL
September 14-16, 2012
PDF SCHAC 13 Program & Abstracts - Greenville, MS
November 18-20, 2011
PDF SCHAC 12 Program - Nashville, TN
November 12-14, 2010
PDF SCHAC 11 Program & Abstracts - Lafayette, LA
November 13-15, 2009
PDF SCHAC 10 Program & Abstracts - Morrilton, AR
September 26-28, 2008
PDF SCHAC 9 Program & List of Papers - Natches, MS
November 16-18, 2007
PDF SCHAC 8 Program & List of Papers - Memphis, TN
October 27-29, 2006
PDF SCHAC 7 Program & List of Papers - Selma, AL
January 28-30, 2005
PDF SCHAC 6 Program & List of Papers - Natchitoches, LA
September 12-14, 2004
PDF List of all papers presented at SCHAC (from 1998 to 2002)
PDF A Retrospective on 30 Years of Historic-Period Archaeological Site Survey
by Samuel D. Smith, Tennessee Division of Archaeology, 2006
PDF A Retrospective on 30 Years of Historic-Period Archaeological Site Survey
by Samuel D. Smith, Tennessee Division of Archaeology, 2006
PDF President Pipes: Origin and Distribution
by Michael A. Pfeiffer, Richard T. Gartley, and J. Byron Sudbury, 2006
PDF Marbles, Gizzard Stones, & Water Glass: Or How Did That Get Into the Archeological Record
by Mary V. Farmer, 2006
PDF Creating Community from a Divided Past: Archaeology in New Orleans’ St. Thomas Housing Project (44k)
by D. Ryan Gray, Earth Search, Inc., 2005

From Mercury and Calomel to Alcohol and Herbs: The Nineteenth Century Patent Medicine Industry After Lewis and Clark
by Elizabeth L. Davoli, 2005

PDF The Picture of Good Health: Patent Medicine Advertisements as a
Reflection of Nineteenth Century Social Issues

by Elizabeth L. Davoli, RPA, 2003
PDF The Mason Coffins: Metallic Burial Cases in the Central South (277k)
by Dan Sumner Allen IV, 2002
PDF Sweep It Under the Rug (3.3MB)
by Mary V. Farmer, 2002
PDF From 18th Century Dirt Road to 21st Century 4-Lane Paved Highway: The Evolution of US 61 Between Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Natchez, Mississippi (160k)
by Elizabeth L. Davoli, 2002
PDF For Curing or Drinking? Patent Medicine Use in Late-Nineteenth Century New Orleans
by Elizabeth L. Davoli, 2000
PDF Patent Medicines: Ethnic or Socioeconomic Indicators? (1MB)
by Elizabeth L. Davoli, 1998
PDF Descendant Community Involvement in African-American Archaeology in Mississippi: Digging for the Dream in Mound Bayou (1.2MB)
by Amy L. Young and Milburn J. Crowe, 1998
PDF Historic Archaeology in the Cairo Lowlands: Data Recovery at the Moxley Farm Site (23MI722) (222k)
by C. Andrew Buchner, 1999
PDF "Just putting it back the way it was": Constructions of an Antebellum Townscape in Washington, Arkansas (348k)
Leslie C. Stewart-Abernathy, 1999
PDF The Southern White Elite Woman in Status In Life Depicted In Death: As Revealed By The Above Ground Archaeological Record - Aboveground Historical Archaeological Investigation at the Old City Cemetery Murfreesboro, Righerford County, Tennessee (1.6MB)
by Kristine Lilja-King, 2001
PDF 3CT337 and 3IN1310: Two Examples of Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Borrow Pit Procedures When Cultural Resources are Involved (952k)
by William E. McAlexander, Jr., 2001