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Standards for Skeletal Data Collection

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Standards for Skeletal Data Collection
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Standards for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains: Proceedings of a Seminar at the Field Museum of Natural History organized by Jonathan Haas.

Volume editors:

Jane E. Buikstra and Douglas H. Ubelaker

Illustration from StandardsContributions by:
D. Aftandilian, J. E. Buikstra, M. Finnegan, J. Haas, D. A. Kice, C. R. Nichol, D. W. Owsley, J. C. Rose, M. J. Schoeninger, G. R. Scott, C. G. Turner II, D. H. Ubelaker, P. L. Walker, and E. Weidl

There is much to recommend this volume. It has the tang of a workshop that worked. It is practical down to the design of record sheets. It can be knocked around in the lab or dropped in a puddle without fear of the cost of a replacement. And it is strictly necessary. Experts are brought together; they give their opinions on areas they know best; a protocol is drawn up for what minimal records to take if time is short, and what more to undertake if the opportunity arises. Cyprian Broodbank, Antiquity

1994, 272 pages, 140 illus., forms, Bib, Index,
ISBN 1-56349-075-7 $35.00 (Order RS44)


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