Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park

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Mound B at ToltecToltec Mounds is one of the largest and most complex archeological sites in the Lower Mississippi Valley. It once had an 8 to 10 foot-high earthen embankment on three sides, and was protected on the fourth by an oxbow lake. A century ago, 16 mounds were known inside the embankment, two of them 38 and 50 feet high. Today, several mounds and a remnant of the embankment are visible, and the locations of pre-existing mounds are known.

Toltec was built by a people known as the Plum Bayou culture from A.D. 700 to 1050. Mound groups like Toltec were religious and social centers for people living in the surrounding countryside. The Toltec center itself had a very small population, consisting primarily of the political and religious leaders of the community and their families. The mound locations were apparently planned using principles based on alignment with important solar positions and standardized units of measurement. This alignment can still be witnessed at the site on the spring and fall equinoxes.

Exhibits at ToltecThe park hosts an Arkansas Archeological Survey Research Station, whose staff conduct ongoing research and analysis from past and present excavations. Toltec Mounds has also been the site of several Arkansas Archeological Society training excavations, the results of which have been invaluable to the understanding of this site and the culture that created it.

The park's Visitor Center contains interpretive exhibits, and hosts informal lectures and special events throughout the year. The park is located 16 miles southeast of North Little Rock, Arkansas, off Highway 165 on Highway 386.

The Toltec station archeologist can be reached at:

Dr. Elizabeth Horton, Station Archeologist
Arkansas Archeological Survey
Toltec Mounds Research Station
490 Toltec Mounds Road
Scott, AR 72142-9212
Telephone: (501) 961-2420

For general park information, contact:

Toltec Mounds State Park
490 Toltec Mounds Road
Scott, AR 72142
Telephone: (501) 961-9442
World Wide Web:

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