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Survey Participates in University Day

Students participating in "Trash Box Archeology" The Arkansas Archeological Survey presented three workshops on archeology to K-12 teachers and students at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, during University Day, February 11, 2000.

The annual University Day program seeks to stimulate the science, mathematics, and technology curricula of northwest Arkansas schools with instruction and hands-on activities presented by faculty and staff. Each teacher attending brings two students, and the team can choose three sessions of interest from over 30 different offerings. Topics include chemistry, fossils, physics, forensics, robotics, molecular biology, astronomy, lasers, and maps. The sessions are designed so that teachers can replicate the activities in their classrooms. The lunchtime treat for the 2000 program included a slide show of incredible images taken by the Hubble space telescope.

Mary Kwas assisting studentsStudent-teacher teams choosing the Survey's sessions played with an activity called "Trash Box Archeology," in which a box of modern trash represents an archeological site. Participants attempt to learn something about the people who left the trash, using such scientific methods as inquiry, observation, analysis, and interpretation. At the end of the session, teachers receive a lesson plan and a teacher's packet filled with information on Arkansas archeology. One teacher who participated last year had so much fun she brought her students for "Trash Box Archeology" again this year; and another teacher participating last year explained how she uses the activity in her class at the end of a geology section.

University DayUniversity Day is organized by Lynne H. Hehr, director of the University's Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMASE). For more information on the Center's activities, visit the web site at

Mary Kwas
February 16, 2000


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