(Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by J.K. Rowling)

in Ancient Greek (translation by Andrew Wilson).

Read aloud by Daniel Levine.

Image: Ajax the Less. 400-338 BCE. Silver Aeginetic stater from Opuntian Locris (on the Aegean coast north of Phocis, from the Euboean Strait to Thermopylae). Reverse of coin, showing the hero Ajax son of Oileus advancing right; he is naked but armed with helmet, sword and sield, the inside of which is decorated with a serpent. Behind Ajax, two spears on the ground around, OONTIN = of the Opuntians. According to the Iliad, this Ajax brought 40 ships to Troy. Because of his violation of Cassandra in Athena's sanctuary therre, Athena's wrath fell on the Opuntian Locrians. Ajax died at sea; his countrymen instituted rites to honor their former leader. [from: Norman Davis, Greek Coins and Cities: Illustrated from the Collection at the Seattle Art Museum. London, 1967.]