Students will give reports from their choice of chapters.

Please inform Professor Levine by March 21 which chapter you choose for your report.


THURSDAY, February 28

1. What is Polis Religion? (Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood) CARRIE DOBBS

2 Further Aspects of Polis Religion (Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood) JOSHUA COOK

3. Tribes, Festivals, and Processions: Civic Ceremonial and Political Manipulation in Archaic Greece (W. R. Connor) JENAY CLARK


TUESDAY, March 5

4. Greek States and Greek Oracles (Robert Parker) MICAH GOULD

5. From Oedipus to Periander: Lameness, Tyranny, Incest, in Legend and History (J.-P. Vernant) ANGELA ROBEY

6. Demeter in the Ancient Greek City and its Countryside (Susan Guettel Cole) JACKIE MAHAFFEY



7. Greek Sanctuaries as Places of Refuge (Ulrich Sinn) APRIL KERSTEN

8. The Archaeology of the Hero (Anthony Snodgrass) MICHAEL BARNES

9. Votives and Votaries in Greek Sanctuaries (Folkert Van Straten) RACHEL BUSHKUHL


TUESDAY, March 12

10. Jason, Hypsipyle, and New Fire at Lemnos: A Study in Myth and Ritual (Walter Burkert) JOSHUA COOK

11. The Locrian Maidens (Fritz Graf) MARA DABRISHUS

12. Scapegoat Rituals in Ancient Greece (Jan. N. Bremmer) DAVE DEWBERRY


THURSDAY, March 14

Professor Levine is sick. Class cancelled. Reports postponed one class period.


TUESDAY, March 26

13. Women and Sacrifice in Classical Greece (Robin Osborne) LEIGH FETNER

14. Greek Magic, Greek Religion (Robert L. Fowler) CARL BURGERS

15. Misconceptualizing Classical Mythology (C. Robert Phillips, III) JOE RATNER


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