Professor's Term Paper Expectations

University of Arkansas

Professor Daniel B. Levine

(Click here for detailed tips on writing papers for this class)

1) I expect that students will understand what they read and that they will write accurately about their topic. Be sure that your papers do NOT misrepresent your sources (i.e. be sure they do not include false information).

2) I expect that students will support their assertions with arguments and/or primary/secondary sources. Be sure that your papers do NOT make unsubstantiated claims.

3) I expect that students will give full bibliographical references, so a reader can find the sources. Be SURE that your references (primary and secondary) can be checked.

4) I expect that students will write their papers in their own words. Do NOT include long sections of paraphrase or quotation in your paper. Paraphrase and quote briefly. Summarize information and present it in your own sentences and syntax. Do NOT simply change a few words here and there from your source material.


The ERINYES (Furies, spirits of vengeance) and NEMESIS (goddess of righteous indignation) will hound students who violate these guidelines. Students who practice EUSEBIA (piety) and EUPHEMIA (pious expression) while writing their papers will receive the blessings of professorial approbation, and will possess a work of which they can be proud.