Midterm Preview. WLIT 2323. Spring, 2009. Professor Daniel Levine.

The midterm (Monday: March 2, 2009) will cover the lectures, myth words, art, and readings from the first seven weeks of the semester, to include the following:

Short Answers:

Students will respond briefly to several questions about the myths we have considered. These are the kinds of questions you might see:


Identification of passages:

Students will read several passages from our readings, and comment on the story, context, speaker, and situation. Passages will be similar to the ones on the quizlet that we had in class.


Myth Words:

Students will briefly explain the modern meaning and ancient myth behind the 'myth words' that students have presented to date, as listed on the course web page:




Students will look at slides and explain the myths portrayed, and/or the iconographic clues to the identity of the figures (winged shoes of Hermes, e.g.). These can include slides of what we have already seen, and slides of unseen material.

For example, if you see a depiction of the birth of Athena, you should identify the characters in the scene by their attributes, say that it is the birth of Athena, and explain the myth of her birth.

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