Grammar Self-Test: Fragments, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences


Read the following sentences and identify each as correct, a fragment, a comma splice, or a fused sentence. Click on Answers when you are finished.

This passage was originally published, in its correct form, by Stefanie Goldbloom as "Where Have All the Bluebirds Gone." It appeared in Garden Shed magazine in Summer 1998.


1) Every week, Oregonian Pat Johnston makes a 45-mile pilgrimage to Chehalem Mountain, she is on a serious mission. 2) Her journey doesn't revolve around hiking, climbing, or mountain biking, however, she comes for the birds. 3)During her weekly excursions, Johnston circles the mountain. 4) Frequently stopping to check on the well-being of more than 30 bluebird nest boxes. 5) And their inhabitants.

6) At one time, the bluebird was a common sight, prevalent throughout North America. 7) Ask any old-timer. 8) Most likely he or she can tell tales about how this strikingly lovely bird once graced the skies and countryside.

9) Toward the end of the 1800s, however, things began to change land use, along with competition from other birds, began threatening the survival of the bluebird. 10) Severe weather has also contributed to the bird's demise, snakes and raccoons have played a part as well. 11) In some parts of the country, bluebirds facing near extinction. 12) Population declined as much as 90 percent for a while the figures seemed hopeless.

13) Preservationists weren't about to let the bluebird population die out during the 1970s they began building and maintaining bluebird trails with birdhouses. 14) Bluebirds are very tolerant of people, this allows us to observe them up close. 15) Anyone can build a bluebird house to welcome these charming birds. 16) It's easy. 17) Following the steps on page 65. 18) If you do, you will be rewarded by colorful birds, beautiful song, you can even watch the courtship rituals.



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