Introduction to Philosophy Richard Lee
Philosophy 2003 CSpring 2007

Schedule of Readings

-- Wisdom & Argument --1/17 - 1/31
Pojman, "What Is Philosophy?" pp.1-10
Plato, from Apology ("Socratic Wisdom")pp.11-20
Lee, "Identifying and Formulating Arguments"web
Pojman, "A Little Bit of Logic" pp.626-639
Aquinas, "The Five Ways" pp.167-169
First Examination2/5
-- Right & Wrong --2/7 - 2/26
Pojman, "Moral Philosophy" pp.469-476
Pojman, "Ethical Relativism Versus Ethical Objectivism" pp.489-498
Plato, from Euthyphro ("The Divine Command Theory of Ethics")pp.539-540
Hobbes, from Leviathan ("Contractualism") pp.572-581
Mill, from Utilitarianismpp.581-587
Kant, "The Moral Law"pp.587-598
Lee, "Kantian Ethical Theory"web
-- Freedom & Responsibility --2/28 - 3/12
Stace, "Compatibilism: Free Will is Consistent with Determinism" pp.382-387
Taylor, "Libertarianism: Defense of Free Will" pp.375-381
Frankfurt,"Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person"pp.398-407
Strawson,"The Impossibility of Moral Responsibility"pp.415-425
Second Examination3/14
-- Skepticism & Knowledge--3/26 - 4/11
Descartes, from Meditations on First Philosophy pp.42-73
Hume, from An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding pp.105-120
Third Examination4/16
-- Mind & Body--4/18 - 4/30
Pojman, The Mind-Body Problem pp.260-264
Descartes, "Dualism"pp.264-267
Shaffer, "Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem"pp.268-278
Churchland, from Matter and Consciousness ("A Critique of Dualism") pp.279-288
Churchland, from Matter and Consciousness ("On Functionalism and Materialism") pp.289-302
Fourth Examination5/2
Universal Makeup Examination5/7

This schedule is subject to change.

Richard Lee,, last modified: 23 April 2007