Doing Development in Arkansas
Using Credit to Create Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Outside the Mainstream
Richard P. Taub

6" x 9" 200 pages, index
$19.95, paper (s), $45.00, cloth (s)
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Cattle on a Thousand Hills
A History of the Cattle Industry in Arkansas
Connell J. Brown

Cattle on a Thousand Hills presents a history of cattle in Arkansas from a time when cows were kept primarily as beasts of burden during the period of European exploration and settlement to the present day, when some of the finest beef herds in the country are found in the state.

1996, 272 pages
$45.00 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-439-6 | 1-55728-439-3


Dictionary for Business & Finance
Third Edition
John V. Terry

". . . recommended as a worthwhile, inexpensive addition to any business reference collection."Choice

1995, 432 pages
$24.95 paper (s)
978-1-55728-344-3 | 1-55728-344-3


Supervision & Management
A Guide to Modifying Work Behavior
John N. Marr and Richard T. Roessler

This practical business book shows how effective management can change the way people work.

1994, 240 pages, 90 illustrations
$29.95 paper (s)
978-1-55728-306-1 | 1-55728-306-0


From Farm to Market
Marvin Schwartz

Marvin Schwartz chronicles the story of Tyson Foods and its impact on both the business community and the poultry market in America in an entertaining and enlightening tribute to the Tyson vision and success.

1991, 170 pages
$29.95 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-189-0 | 1-55728-189-0


J. B. Hunt
The Long Haul to Success
Marvin Schwartz

This is an enlightening and entertaining history of the Arkansas-based firm, one of America’s premier trucking companies.

1991, 204 pages
$29.95 (s) cloth
ISBN 978-1-55728-250-7 | 1-55728-250-1





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