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Black History

A Stranger and a SojournerA Stranger and a Sojourner
Peter Caulder, Free Black Frontiersman in Antebellum Arkansas

Billy D. Higgins

Peter Caulder, a free African American settler in the Arkansas Territory, established a community of free-born African Americans in northern Arkansas and was largely accepted by his white neighbors until an 1859 expulsion law forced the community to flee the state . . . (more …)

6" x 9", 370 pages
$34.95, cloth (s), 1-55728-777-5

$16.95, paper (s), 1-55728-805-4

Black Physicians in the Jim Crow SouthBlack Physicians in the Jim Crow South, 1880–1960

Thomas J. Ward Jr.

Ward tracks the rise of African American medical schools, professional organizations, and hospitals. He also explores the difficulties that African American physicians faced as an elite group within a subjugated caste, and the many ways in which their education, prestige, and relative wealth put them at odds with the southern caste system. (more …)

2003, 300 pages
$34.95, cloth (s) 1-55728-756-2

A Photographer of NoteA Photographer of Note
Arkansas Artist Geleve Grice

Robert Cochran

Geleve Grice was born and raised near Pine Bluff, and he has documented the ordinary life of his community: parades, graduations, weddings, club events, and whatever else brought people together. In the process he has created a remarkable historical portrait of an African American community. (more …)

2003, 152 pages
$39.95, cloth

Bearing Witness: Memories of Arkansas SlaveryBearing Witness
Memories of Arkansas Slavery
Narratives from the 1930s WPA Collections

Edited by George E. Lankford

"Lankford has done what no researcher before has accomplished. He has brought together for the first time in one volume all of the known W.P.A. interviews with Arkansas ex-slaves." (more …)

—T. Lindsay Baker, editor of
The WPA Oklahoma Slave Narratives (Oklahoma, 1996)
and Till Freedom Cried Out: Memories of Texas Slave Life
(Texas A & M, 1996)

2003, 350 pages, index
$34.95, paper (s) 1-55728-747-3

Blood in Their EyesBlood in Their Eyes
The Elaine Race Massacres of 1919

Grif Stockley

The tragedy of the Elaine massacres is not only that they occurred but that we have ignored them. (more …)

"Blood in Their Eyes is a relentless examination of one of the bloodiest American racial repressions of the 20th century. In retelling the story of the Elaine massacres of 1919 with moral fervor and canny reinterpretation of sources, Grif Stockley has written a study of collective barbarism in real time that deepens our knowledge of the psychodynamics of white supremacy."

—David Levering Lewis
Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author of
W. E. B. Du Bois: Biography of a Race, 1868–1919
and W. E. B. Du Bois: The Fight for Equality and the American Century, 1919–1963 (2001)

2001, 272 pages
$29.95 cloth, 1-55728-717-1

Negro Slavery in ArkansasNegro Slavery in Arkansas

Orville W. Taylor
With an Introduction by Carl Moneyhon

Forty years after its original publication by the Duke University Press, Orville W. Taylor's Negro Slavery in Arkansas still stands as the only comprehensive treatment of the "peculiar institution" in the state. (more …)

2000, 336 pages, 5 illustrations
$19.95 paper (s), 1-55728-613-2

Hurrah for Hampton!
Black Red Shirts in South Carolina during Reconstruction

Edmund L. Drago

In South Carolina, in the aftermath of the Civil War, a group of ex-slaves joined the Democratic "Red Shirts," white paramilitary clubs dedicated to restoring antebellum values. Drawing on primary sources, Drago examines the relationship between black initiative and southern paternalism.

1998, 184 pages
$34.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-541-1


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