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Arkansas' Governors

Winthrop Rockefeller, Philanthropist
A Life of Change

John L. Ward
Foreword by Winthrop Paul Rockefeller

Winthrop Rockefeller was born into one of the most affluent and influential families in the world. But he was a nonconformist and often felt isolated from the rest of his family. (more …)

245 pages
29 black and white photographs
$29.95 (s), cloth

The Best Lawyer in a One-Lawyer Town
A Memoir

Dale Bumpers

Atticus Finch with a sense of humor. (more …)

“Dale Bumpers is one of the most eloquent speakers ever to grace the United States Senate. He is also one of the wittiest. Far more important, he is a good and wise man, full of timeless lessons and unshakable devotion to our Constitution and country.”

—President William J. Clinton

1-55728-773-2, $19.95

Promises Kept
A Memoir

Sidney S. McMath

McMath describes his rural youth, his commission in the U.S. Marines, his governorship and his legal career. As a two-term governor, he fulfilled this promise of reform and modernization: he brought the first roads and electricity to rural areas, fought the poll tax, and built the state’s first medical center. He also helped change the party’s rules so that black citizens could vote in primaries. McMath describes how he worked with President Truman to keep the segregationist Dixiecrats from taking over the Democratic Party—and the presidency. (more …)

6" X 9"
450 pages
$34.95, cloth

A Most Remarkable Fulbright

Dorothy D. Stuck and Nan Snow

Obscured in history by her internationally renowned son, Sen. J. William Fulbright, Roberta Waugh Fulbright was, nonetheless, an extraordinary person deserving of tribute. Here, finally and fittingly, is her biography—a sensitive, well-written portrait of a complex woman who was one of Arkansas's dominant figures.

1997, 292 pages
$38.00 cloth, 978-1-55728-460-0 | 1-55728-460-1
$22.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-500-3 | 1-55728-500-4

The Life and Times of an American Prodigal

Roy Reed

In this close, personal history, the result of eight years of intensive research, Reed finds Faubus to be an opaque man, "an insoluable mixture of cynicism and compassion, guile and grace, wickedness and goodness," and, ultimately, "one of the last Americans to perceive politics as a grand game."

New York Times Book Review Notable Book for 1997
1998 Certificate of Commendation, American Association for State and Local History

1997, 384 pages
$27.50 paper (s)
978-1-55728-467-9 | 1-55728-467-9

A Life of Albert Pike

Walter Lee Brown

An American figure of heroic proportions, Albert Pike experienced all the opportunities and travails of the nineteenth century. Schoolteacher, newspaperman, successful lawyer, and talented Whig leader, this important Confederate general transformed and popularized the Masonic movement.

1997, 648 pages
$49.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-469-5

Charles Hillman Brough
A Biography

Foy Lisenby

Ten years in the making, taken largely fron primary materials, some lent by descendents, this biography is a balanced portrait of an extraordinary Arkansas leader, progressive governor of the state from 1917 to 1921.

1996, 192 pages
$26.00 cloth (s), 1-55728-411-3

Carpenter from Conway
George Washington Donaghey as Governor of Arkansas, 1909–1913

Calvin R. Ledbetter, Jr.

As the first forward-looking businessman to become governor of Arkansas, George W. Donaghey established the foundations of Progressivism in a state that had been governed by lawyers and planters for its entire history. In this full-length biography, Ledbetter analyzes Donaghey's spectacular accomplishments, all of which were achieved in a mere four years. Of these accomplishments, the state capitol, initiative and referendum, six of the state's four-year institutions of higher learning, and the heritage of Donaghey's tax reform and penal reform programs are still very much a part of Arkansas life.

1993, 320 pages, 31 illustrations
$19.95 paper (s), 1-55728-374-5

Agenda for Reform
Winthrop Rockefeller as Governor of Arkansas, 1967–71

Cathy Kunzinger Urwin

When Winthrop Rockefeller was elected governor of Arkansas in 1966, he became the first Republican to hold the governor's office since Reconstruction. Cathy Kunzinger Urwin examines Rockefeller's tenure by looking beyond his immediate successes and failures to the broader, dramatic changes that marked the era. Rockefeller helped break up the political machines that had controlled Arkansas politics for almost a hundred years, made lasting contributions in the areas of prison reform and civil rights, and obliged the Democratic Party to find Dale Bumpers, a young, bright, progressive gubernatorial candidate to oppose him in 1970.

". . . Urwin's mastery of her subject asserts itself in this enlightening and highly readable book."

—Bill Clinton

1991, 238 pages
$34.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-200-5

The Governors of Arkansas
Essays in Political Biography

Edited by Timothy P. Donovan, Willard B. Gatewood Jr., and Jeannie M. Whayne

Updated to include a biography of the three latest governors, one of whom is United States president Bill Clinton, this new edition includes fascinating individual profiles of the state's forty-three consecutive leaders since 1836. From Conway to Tucker, the biographical sketches are filled with valuable personal and political data detailing each governor's origin, family, education, occupation, and accomplishments and failures while in and out of office. By examining the issues confronting Arkansas's governors, the contributors have provided a provocative portrait of the state's political leadership and have explored a whole range of social and economic questions.

1995, 376 pages
$45.00 cloth (s)
978-1-55728-331-3 | 1-55728-331-1

Hattie and Huey
An Arkansas Tour

David Malone

During the first eight scorching days of August in 1932, U.S. Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana campaigned in Arkansas for the election of Hattie Caraway to the U.S. Senate. Caraway easily defeated six well-known opponents in a race she was not expected to win and became the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate. This volume is a textbook of politics and a sweeping picture of the Great Depression, as if those perilous times had been compressed into a week and a day. It is a fascinating look at two extremely different people caught briefly in a common purpose.

$34.95 cloth, 1-55728-106-8

Joe T. Robinson
Always a Loyal Democrat

Cecil Edward Weller Jr.

This biography is a fitting tribute to the life and accomplishments of Senate majority leader Joseph Taylor Robinson, undoubtedly one of the most powerful U.S. senators of the early twentieth century. Weller uses the story of Robinson's life to illuminate the inner chambers of the Senate and to explore such controversial issues as the Versailles Peace Treaty/League of Nations, the Teapot Dome Scandal, the legislation of the "first 100 days" of the New Deal, and FDR's plan to "pack" the Supreme Court. The study further chronicles Robinson's run for the vice-presidency in 1928, the first southerner on a major ticket after the Civil War, and his three terms as chairman of the Democratic National Convention, in 1920, 1928, and 1936.

288 pages, illustrations
$38.00 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-513-3 | 1-55728-513-6
$27.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-544-7 | 1-55728-544-6


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