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Histories of Arkansas (series)

With Fire and Sword
Arkansas, 1861-1874

Thomas A. DeBlack

In this, the fourth volume in the Histories of Arkansas series, Thomas DeBlack not only describes the major players and events in this dramatic and painful story, but also explores the experiences of ordinary people. Although the historical evidence is complex—and much of the secondary literature is extraordinarily partisan—DeBlack offers a balanced, vivid overview of the state's most tumultuous period. (more …)

2003, 256 pages
$34.95, cloth (s), 1-55728-739-2
$18.95, paper (s), 1-55728-740-6

Arkansas in Modern America, 1930–1999

Ben F. Johnson, III

A comprehensive survey of Arkansas's development from a rural, traditional culture to an urban, modern state. (more …)

"Ben Johnson has captured the Arkansas years 1930–1999 accurately, thoroughly, engagingly, and stylishly."

—Roy Reed author of Faubus: An American Prodigal

2000, 304 pages, 20 illustrations
$19.95 paper (s), 1-55728-618-3

Arkansas, 1800–1860
Remote and Restless

S. Charles Bolton

Often thought of as a primitive backwoods peopled by rough hunters and unsavory characters, early Arkansas was actually quite productive and dynamic. Bolton describes migration, agricultural growth, religion, the roles of women, slavery, the dispossesion of the Cherokees and Quapaws, and many other facets of Arkansas's development.

1998, 224 pages
$19.95 paper (s), 1-55728-519-5

Arkansas and the New South, 1874–1929

Carl Moneyhon

This study, the first published in the Histories of Arkansas Series, examines the struggle of Arkansas's people to enter the economic and social mainstreams of the nation in the years from the end of Reconstruction to the beginning of the Great Depression.

1997, 208 pages
$19.95 paper (s), 1-55728-490-3


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