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In Clouds of Glory
American Airmen Who Flew with the British during the Great War

James J. Hudson

Of the several hundred Americans who joined the Royal Air Force during the First World War, twenty-eight became aces by shooting down five or more aircraft.

Unfortunately, those American aces who flew only with the British are little known by the American public. In Clouds of Glory tells the story of these fliers in the first air war, young men who risked their lives and citizenship to help the British fight off the German squadrons. (more …)

302 pages
$22.95 (s) paper

Divided Power
The Presidency, Congress, and the Formation of American Foreign Policy

Edited by Donald R. Kelley

The goal of these essays is to offer a snapshot in time of the interaction of the executive and legislative branches in the shaping of our foreign policy, framed and informed by the intellectual and political realities that characterize the post–Cold War, post–September 11 world. (more …)

224 pages, index
6" x 9"
$45.00 (s) Cloth Library Edition
ISBN 1-55728-798-8
$21.95 (s) Paper
ISBN 1-55728-804-6

After Communism
Perspectives on Democracy

Edited by Donald R. Kelley

In this collection, top scholars of Soviet and post-Soviet studies convene to explore communism's aftermath. They consider state building and consitutionalism; the transition to market capitalism and democracy across Eastern Europe; the political development of Muslim states; the complex and differential developments of electoral systems; the risks and opportunities of nationalism; and new political and economic activities in Russia, from corruption to contracts. (more …)

2003, 300 pages
$24.95, paper (s), 1-55728-746-5

Architects of Globalism
Building a New World Order during WWII

Patrick J. Hearden

Architects of Globalism provides the first comprehensive analysis of American Blueprints for the reconstruction of the world after the defeat of Hitler and his allies. Working closely with Roosevelt and Truman, State Department officials assumed primary responsibility for drafting these plans. These architects of globalism sought to create a liberal capitalist world system, in which foreign markets would absorb the surplus products of American farms and factories so that the United States would be able to maintain high levels of employment without further government intervention in the economy. (more …)

November 2002, 400 pages, 20 photos
$39.95, cloth (s), 1-55728-730-9

Titan II
A History of a Cold War Missile Program

David K. Stumpf

A comprehensive study of the missile system that formed a critical component of the United States' nuclear arsenal. (more …)

"The author breaks new ground on the history of the Titan II weapon system, both from the perspective of technological achievement and from the viewpoint of human drama. . . . [A] masterpiece of scholarly research."

—Rick W. Sturdevant Staff Historian, USAF

2000, 376 pages, 119 illustrations
$49.00 cloth (s) , 1-55728-601-9

The Williwaw War
The Arkansas National Guard in the Aleutians in World War II

Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon

"An amazing story of Arkansas soldiers and their struggle in the Aleutians. A must read book for those who want to learn about a forgotten part of that great war told from a soldier's point of view."

—Major General James A. Ryan, The Adjutant General, Military Department of Arkansas

1992, 352 pages
$39.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-242-0

Forward Positions
The War Correspondence of Homer Bigart

Compiled and Edited by Betsy Wade
Foreword by Harrison E. Salisbury

Among journalists—and particularly war correspondents—Homer Bigart was the standard-bearer. Previously available only in crumbling library copies of the Tribune and the Times or in the dusty bins of microfiche repositories, his keen insights into warfare and the minds of those who wage it are now collected in a volume that offers a rare glimpse at a breed of journalist that had already passed into legend by the time of Bigart's death.

1992, 274 pages, 35 illustrations
$29.95 cloth (s)
978-1-55728-257-6 | 1-55728-257-9

War and Wartime Changes
The Transformation of Arkansas, 1940–1945

C. Calvin Smith

One of the few comprehensive studies of a state in the post-World War II era, this volume is a lively account of specific social, political, and economic changes that the war brought to the homefront in mid-America.

1986, 176pages
$34.95 cloth (s)
978-0-938626-56-5 | 0-938626-56-6

"Smoked Yankees" and the Struggle for Empire
Letters from Negro Soldiers, 1898–1902

Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.

Called upon for the first time during the Spanish-American War to render military service outside the United States, negro soldiers (called "smoked Yankees" by the Spaniards) tell their compelling story through letters sent back to U.S. newspapers.

$24.95 paper (s), 978-0-938626-88-6 | 0-938626-88-4

World War II
From the Battle Front to the Home Front,
Thirty-Five Arkansans Tell their Stories

Kay B. Hall

1995, 232 pages
$34.95 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-396-2 | 1-55728-396-6
$16.00 paper (s), 978-1-55728-395-5 | 1-55728-395-8


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