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The Ozarks

The Story of Cutting the Last Great Virgin Forest East of the Rockies

Kenneth L. Smith

Sawmill is a history of logging in the Arkansas and Oklahoma Ouachita Mountains from 1900 to 1950, a penetrating study of the lumber industry, and a significant view of man’s interaction with a major forest resource. (more …)

"Sawmill may be his most important book. This detailed account of logging in the Arkansas and Oklahoma Ouachita Mountains during the first half of the 20th Century allows the reader to walk the vast uncut forests, hear the bite of the ax and the saw, and see the literal coming of age for the lumber industry in Arkansas, along with its subsequent passing."

—Dana Steward,
editor of A Rough Sort of Beauty: Reflections on the Natural Heritage of Arkansas

260 pages, 100 photographs, index
$17.95 (s) Paper
ISBN-10: 0-938626-69-8

The Ozarks
Land and Life

Second Edition
Milton D. Rafferty

The Ozark Mountains reach into Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, forming a region with great natural beauty and a distinctive cultural and historical landscape. This comprehensive volume, a fully updated edition of a beloved classic, reaches into history, anthropology, economics, and geography to explore the complex relationships between the Ozarks' people and land through times of profound change. (more …)

"The first edition of The Ozarks: Land and Life was a landmark publication! This new—completely revised and updated—version should stand as the basic general reference for decades to come."

—Lynn Morrow, author (with Linda Myers-Phinney) of
Shepherd of the Hills Country: Tourism Transforms the Ozarks, 1880s–1930s (Arkansas, 1999).

2001, 328 pages, 90 photos, 54 illustrations
$34.95 paper (s), 1-55728-714-7

Shepherd of the Hills Country
Tourism Transforms the Ozarks, 1880s–1930s

Lynn Morrow and Linda Myers-Phinney

Modern tourism in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas is concentrated around the area's glistening man-made lakes, its fish-filled streams and rivers, and in the entertainment mecca of Branson. But recreational excursions into this part of the country began over one hundred years ago as urban midwesterners, many of them captivated by Harold Bell Wright's novel The Shepherd of the Hills, sought the outdoors for spiritual and physical regeneration. (more …)

1999, 320 pges, illustrations
$24.00 paper, 1-55728-574-8

Rude Pursuits and Rugged Peaks
Schoolcraft's Ozark Journal, 1818–1819

With and Introduction, Maps, and Appendix by Milton D. Rafferty

"Finally the Christopher Columbus of the Ozarks has his masterpiece published in a form anyone can afford and enjoy. Many aspects make this the most important book ever written on the Ozarks."

—Sandy Primm, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

1996, 184 pages
$29.95 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-412-9 | 1-55728-412-1
$19.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-466-2 | 1-55728-466-0

The White River Chronicles of S. C. Turnbo
Man and Wildlife on the Ozarks Frontier

Edited by James F. Keefe and Lynn Morrow

This highly readable folklore collection of Silas Turnbo's evocative legends of the chase are told by the predatory first settlers of the southern frontiers.

1994, 400 pages
$27.50 paper (s)
978-1-55728-562-1 | 1-55728-562-4

Ozark Vernacular Houses
A Study of Rural Homeplaces in the Arkansas Ozarks, 1830–1930

Jean Sizemore

Over 160 photographs, drawings, and maps provide examples of the four traditional Ozark house types and reveal the unity of a distinctive Arkansas culture that bears identity with all hill peoples. Of importance to architects, folklorists, cultural historians, and anyone interested in the Ozarks, this fascinating examination of the Ozark house is a way toward understanding the mind of the inhabitants and their entire way of life.

1994, 264 pages
$39.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-310-9


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