Fayetteville and The University of Arkansas

Up Among the Hills
The Story of Fayetteville
Directed by Larry Foley and narrated by president Bill Clinton

Up Among the Hills, a 60-minute documentary film of the history of Fayetteville, was written and directed by Emmy award winner Larry Foley and narrated by President Bill Clinton. The film was inspired by John Lewis, the founder of the Bank of Fayetteville who was known as “Mr. Fayetteville” for his knowledge of the city’s history and his desire get the community involved in its present and future development. The film was funded by the Fayetteville Public Library Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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The University of Arkansas Razorback Band
A History, 1874–2004
T. T. Tyler Thompson

From the small Cadet Band that supported the school’s military department to the “best in sight and sound” Marching Razorbacks that are a staple of the university’s athletic program, the band has provided the soundtrack to the University of Arkansas.

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Image and Reflection
A Pictorial History of the University of Arkansas
Ethel C. Simpson

A yearbook of yearbooks celebrating the connection between the old and new, the 522 photographs in Image and Reflection stir the memories of every past and present member of the University community, from its beginning at William McIlroy's farm to today's bustling campus.

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The Razorbacks
A Story of Arkansas Football
Orville Henry and Jim Bailey, with a Foreword by J. William Fulbright

From the humble beginnings in 1894, to the great programs of Frank Broyles, the National Championship in 1964, and Lou Holtz's Orange Bowl victory over Oklahoma in 1978, and then to Arkansas's recent re-entry into the national rankings with bowl invitations—the whole spectrum of Hog football is covered in this lively chronicle.

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The Edge of Campus
A Journal of the Black Experience at the University of Arkansas
Gordon D. Morgan and Izola Preston

Written by the first black faculty member employed at the University and his wife, a longtime research assistant, this book chronicles the setbacks and triumphs in their attempts to bring true integration to the University of Arkansas.

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Once Upon Dickson
An Illustrated History, 1868–2000
Anthony J. Wappel with Ethel C. Simpson

Once Upon Dickson tells the story of Dickson Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas, the colorful and ever-changing link between the center of town and the University campus. Carefully researched, it will appeal to a large popular audience of residents and visitors to the city’s premier entertainment district and to University personnel and alumni, for whom it is as memorable in their college experience as Old Main or Razorback Stadium. In a time when Dickson Street is undergoing radical change, the book serves as a reminder that the street has been changing almost from the earliest time in its history. Residences, churches, public institutions, and businesses have come, gone, and sometimes come again, but because of its location, Dickson Street remains at the heart of Fayetteville.

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