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Arkansas Outdoors

The Amphibians and Reptiles of Arkansas

by Stanley E. Trauth, Henry W. Robison, and Michael V. Plummer

An essential addition to the library of any herpetologist.

The product of fifteen years of work by top herpetologists, this book is a comprehensive examination of the amphibians and reptiles of Arkansas, featuring over 136 species and subspecies. (more …)

500 pages
545 color photos
325 black and white illustrations
1-55728-737-6, $65.00, cloth (s)

Hunting Arkansas
The Sportsman's Guide to Natural State Game

Keith Sutton

Reading Hunting Arkansas is like walking alongside acclaimed Arkansas outdoorsman and writer Keith Sutton as he searches for the elusive woodcock in bottomland timber near the L'Anguille River, stalks deer across farmland, or treks through woodlands hunting black bears. (more …)

2002, 290 pages, 39 photographs
$24.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-719-8

Fishing Arkansas
A Year-Round Guide to Angling Adventures in the Natural State

Keith B. Sutton

Biology, history, travel, adventure, find writing—there's something here for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Fishing Arkansas is a comprehensive guide to the angling opportunites that the Natural State offiers to its 500,000–700,000 licensed fisherman as well as to visitors to the state. (more …)

"Keith Sutton's skills as a wordsmith and storyteller warm each selection. . . . [H]is individual literary voice makes for fun, informative, and sometimes touching reading."

—Cliff Shelby, Outdoor Communications

2000, 304 pages, 44 color illustrations
$24.95 paper, 1-55728-623-X

Arkansas Wildlife
A History

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Edited by Keith Sutton

Lavishly illustrated with black and white photos, this book tells the story of the state's wildlife in a historical and national context. It describes the resident species, their environments, early conservation efforts to save them, and the attitudes of those who sought to make use of Arkansas's natural resources.

1998, 328 pages, 165 illustrations
$39.95 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-536-2 | 1-55728-536-5
$29.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-537-9 | 1-55728-537-3

Only in Arkansas
A Study of the Endemic Plants and Animals of the State

Henry W. Robison and Robert T. Allen

Besides extensive illustrations and photographs of each species, Only in Arkansas provides pertinent literature references to the original distributions of each form within the state and reports known information of the general biology, evolutionary relationships, and habitat occupied by each endemic form.

1995, 184 pages
$49.95 (s) cloth
978-1-55728-326-9 | 1-55728-326-5

Keys to the Flora of Arkansas

Edwin B. Smith

This comprehensive guide includes taxonomic keys to the families, genera, species, and infraspecific taxa of all the known vascular plants of Arkansas.

1994, 347 pages
$39.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-312-2 | 1-55728-312-5

Arkansas Mammals
Their Natural History, Classification, and Distribution

John A. Sealander and Gary A. Heidt

Heavily illustrated with color photographs, Arkansas Mammals is the comprehensive guide to the state's mammal population. Endangered or threatened species of mammals and missing species known to have been present in recent times are discussed, along with non-native species that have become an important part of the mammal fauna in Arkansas and adjacent states.

*CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK* Check back at a later date.

1990, 308 pages
$55.00 cloth (s), 1-55728-102-5
$39.95 paper (s), 1-55728-103-3

Fishes of Arkansas

Henry W. Robison and Thomas M. Buchanan

"One of the best state studies this reviewer has examined. . . ."


1988, 544 pages
$59.95 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-000-8 | 1-55728-000-2
$39.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-001-5 | 1-55728-001-0

Arkansas Birds
Their Distribution and Abundance

Douglas A. James and Joseph C. Neal

". . . a monumental effort that the authors can be justly proud of. It belongs on the shelf of any birder in the mid-South, in every library in the region, and in any serious ornithological library."

Journal of Field Ornithology

1986, 416 pages
$54.95 cloth (s)
978-0-938626-38-1 | 0-938626-38-8

The Arkansas
An American River

William Mills

". . . not only a photographic account of his odyssey but also an intriguing description of his travels and the people he met along the way . . . Mills' photography is extraordinary. . . ."

Baton Rouge Morning Advocate

1989 Chicago Book Clinic Design Award

1988, 260 pages
$45.00 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-043-5 | 1-55728-043-6
$29.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-044-2 | 1-55728-044-4


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