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Portraits of Conflict
A Photographic History of
Missouri in the Civil War

Edited by William Garrett Piston
and Thomas P. Sweeney

Army Life
From a Soldier’s Journal
A. O. Marshall
Edited by Robert G. Schultz

A Paler Shade of Red
The 2008 Presidential Election in the South
Edited by Branwell DuBose Kapeluck,
Laurence W. Moreland,
and Robert P. Steed

Weapons Grade
Poems by Terese Svoboda

Start with the Trouble
Poems by Daniel Donaghy

How Bear Hunters, Hillbillies, and
Good Ol’ Boys Defined a State

Brooks Blevins

Long Is the Way and Hard
One Hundred Years of the NAACP
Edited by Kevern Verney and Lee Sartain
Foreword by Adam Fairclough

An Unforgiving Sport
An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing
Thomas Hauser

Dinarzad’s Children
An Anthology of Contemporary
Arab American Fiction

Second Edition
Edited by Pauline Kaldas and Khaled Mattawa

Leading the Way
Student Engagement and Nationally Competitive Awards
The National Association of Fellowship Advisors
Edited by Suzanne McCray

A History of Southland College
The Society of Friends and
Black Education in Arkansas

Thomas C. Kennedy


Perspectives on Food-Safety Issues
of Animal-Derived Foods

Edited by Steven C. Ricke and Frank T. Jones




Two Decades of African American Art
Hearne Fine Art, 1988–2008

Archie Hearne III and Garbo Watson Hearne


Silas Hunt
A Documentary
The School of Continuing Education and
Academic Outreach’s Media Services
Produced and directed by Chris Erwin
Written by Thomas Jordan

Lessons from Little Rock
Terrence Roberts

Main Street Arkansas
The Hearts of Arkansas Cities and Towns—
as Portrayed in Postcards and Photographs

Ray and Steven Hanley

Homefront Arkansas
Arkansans Face Wartime Past and Present
Velma B. Branscum Woody

Some of the Words Are Theirs
A Memoir of an Alcoholic Family

George H. Jensen Jr.
Foreword by William L. White

Moon City Review 2009
An Annual of Poetry, Story, Art, and Criticism
Edited by Jane Hoogestraat and Lanette Cadle
Photographs by Julie Blackmon








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