The Historical Report of the Arkansas
Secretary of State 2008

Arkansas Secretary of State Charlie Daniels is proud to present the 2008 edition of the Arkansas Historical Report. Published just once each decade by order of the General Assembly, this ready reference is a unique compendium of appointed and elected officials over the state’s colonial and territorial periods as well as its 172-year history. Its comprehensive listings of county, state, and federal officials make it a must-have for historians, journalists, genealogists, and other researchers. The 2008 edition also features essays by C. Fred Williams, Jay Barth, David Ware, Ann Early, and George Sabo III that provide insight into the state’s history, politics, and Native American cultures. This new edition of the Historical Report includes, for the first time, an alphabetical index of state legislators. It also features a variety of historical photographs and has been substantially redesigned to create a more user-friendly reference tool.

Published and distributed by the University of Arkansas Press for Charlie
Daniels, Secretary of State.

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