Lectures and Speakers

Dr. Moneyhon lectures on Arkansas'
readmission to the Union after the Civil War

John William Graves describes the problems of post-Civil War Arkansas' agrarian society.

Following up with discussion after the lecture

Tom Dillard (l), and Michael Dougan (r) debate the effects of Reconstruction in Arkansas

(from l to r) Drs.Lisenby, Whayne, Ledbetter, and Gatewood discuss Progressive Era politics in Arkansas

Dr. Foy Lisenby illustrates how cartooning expressed views on the "Red Scare".

Dr. Besonen begins his "technology tour" with participants.

Dr. Jeannie Whayne

Mike Polston, here presenting a talk on Arkansas Music, also, with Tom Dillard, recreated the "Lum and Abner" comedy team.

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