Table of Contents


Photos From the Workshop


Georgia Gabbard, 1st, Slavery in Arkansas 

Justin Swope, 4th, Slavery  

Mike & Debra Polston, 5th, Arkansas Regions as They Relate to Slavery

Regena Shelby, 5th, Cotton & Slavery in Arkansas


Middle School

Stanley Hall, 4th-8th, Major Farming Operations

Stanley Hall, 4th-8th, Chances for Entering the Union-Slave of Free State

Sherry Tipps, 6th-12th, Market to Misery                                                        


Junior High

Patty Stone, Life of a Slave

Sherry Allen, 8th, Days of Their Lives

Lawrence Sanders, 8th, Slavery Population

John Heath, 8th-9th, Slave Labor                                                                    

Shey Williams, 8th-9th, Ex-Slave Narratives                                                   

Marcus Woodward, 8th, Runaway Slaves & Slave Owners


High School

Lee Ann Boren, 9th-12th, Slavery in the 19th Century

Matt Shepherd, 9th, Slavery in Arkansas

Madelyn Shields, 9th-12th, Slave Traditions & Religions

Margaret Thompson, 10th-12th, Role of Slavery

Christine Green, 10th-12th, Slavery in Arkansas

Lucia Turner, Arkansas Slaves & the Civil War