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This website can be used to start research on the Civil War and related issues and periods. While this index focuses on Civil War battles, it is by no means limited to war alone, and much social history, historiography, and even Reconstruction and Antebellum information is also indexed.

Articles are linked to corresponding entries located at the University of Arkansas Library's Index Arkansas Project, which indexes all of the Arkansas Historical Quarterly as well as thousands of other resources concerning Arkansas History.


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Welcome to the Arkansas Historical Quarterly Civil War Bibliography. What you will find here is a list of all articles relating to the Civil War located in Arkansas's premier historical journal, The Arkansas Historical Quarterly, published since 1942.

Great pains were taken to ensure every article relating to America's most dramatic period were included. As a result, many articles relating to Reconstruction, Secession, and other non-war related articles are included.

But fear not, excluding certain subjects is easy. Simply navigate to the article list, locate the "Exclude Subjects" box, scroll down to "reconstruction," "secession," "antebellum," or any other fields you do not wish to see and click the Sort button. You can use the box above the Exclude Subjects box to include only certain subjects, as well.

Want to know more about the Arkansas Historical Quarterly? Visit the website of the Arkansas Historical Association.


This website is currently indexing 272 Civil War related articles covering 139 subjects that span over 68 rich years of publication.


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