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2014 Annual Research and Watershed Conference

AWRC 2014 Annual conference in Fayetteville, AR

This year’s annual conference will be held on July 15-16 in Fayetteville, Ark. at the University of Arkansas Global Campus.

“Watersheds, Wicked Problems and Water Words” is the theme for this year’s conference. Kent Thornton, Systems Ecologist at FTN Associates, will be the keynote speaker and will kick off the concept of a “wicked problem” in water resources management.

This year’s conference will include sessions on:

  • Disinfection by-products in drinking water treatment
  • Environmental flows: what, why and how?
  • Unconventional natural gas extraction: policy and research
  • Big Creek and the Buffalo River Watershed
  • Water and effective communication

Rounding out this year’s conference, Eric Eckl with Water Words That Work, will give a two part workshop on how water resource organizations can effectively develop and manage modern and professional communications programs.

A variety of hot topic issues will be presented at this year’s conference, which is sure to be informative and exciting. We look forward to seeing you there!

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