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Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology


For more complete information consult the Graduate Catalog

Courses: Cell and Molecular Biology (CEMB)

590V Special Topics in Cell and Molecular Biology (1-6) (Fa, Sp, Su) Consideration of new areas in Cell and Molecular Biology not yet treated adequately in textbooks or in other courses. This course may be repeated, provided subject matter is different for a maximum of 6 hours of credit. Prerequisite: instructor consent.

5911 Seminar in Cell and Molecular Biology (Fa, Sp) Discussion of current topics in Cell and Molecular Biology. All graduate students in the Cell and Molecular Biology degree program must enroll every fall and spring semester in this course or a approved alternate seminar course (alternatives listed below). Prerequisite: graduate standing or senior standing with instructor's consent.

600V Master's thesis
(1-6) (Fa, Sp, Su) Prerequisites: graduate standing and consent.

700V Doctoral Dissertation (1-6) (Fa, Sp, Su) Prerequisites: graduate standing and consent.

CEMB Approved Courses

NOTE: Up to 6 of the 24 required credit hours can be taken from other courses. All course work must be approved by the student’s Graduate Advising Committee.

AGST 4011 SAS Programming for Agricultural Sciences
AGST 4023 Principles of Experimentation
AGST 5014/5010L Experimental Design and Laboratory
ANSC 5743 Advanced Analytical Methods in Animal Sciences
ANSC 6833 Reproduction in Domestic Animals
BIOL 4304/4300L* Plant Physiology and Laboratory
BIOL 4424 Mycology
BIOL 4443 Molecular Virology
BIOL 4724/4720L Protistology
BIOL 5003* Laboratory in Prokaryote Biology

BIOL 5153 Practical Programming for Biologists
BIOL 5233* Genomics and Bioinformatics
BIOL 5263 * Cellular Physiology
BIOL 5313* Molecular Cell Biology
BIOL 5334/5330L Biochemical Genetics and Laboratory
BIOL 5343 Advanced Immunology
BIOL 5352L Immunology In The Laboratory
BIOL 5143* Advanced Methods in Microscopy
BIOL 5404* Comparative Botany
BIOL 5524/5520L* Developmental Biology and Laboratory
BIOL 5544/5540L* Comparative Vertebrate Embryology and Laboratory
BIOL 5553 Astrobiology
BIOL 5563* Cancer Biology

BIOL 5643 Eukaryote Phylogeny

BIOL 5703* Mechanisms of Pathogenesis
BIOL 5713/5711L* Basic Immunology and Laboratory
BIOL 5753* General Virology

BIOL 5873* Microbial Molecular Genetics and Informatics
BMEG 5233 Tissue and Cell Engineering
BMEG 5263 Biomedical Engineering Principles
BMEG 5423
Regenerative Medicine
CHEG 5503 Engineering Principles for Molecular Biology
CHEG 5513 Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals
CHEM 4313** Bioanalytical Chemistry
CHEM 5513 Biochemical Evolution
CHEM 5813 Biochemistry I
CHEM 5843 Biochemistry II
CHEM 6823 Physical Biochemistry
CHEM 6863 Enzymes
CHEM 6873 Molecular Biochemistry
CHEM 6883 Bioenergetics and Biomembranes
CSES 5023 Weed Physiology and Herbicide Resistance in Plants

CSES 5124/5120D Crop Molecular and Physiological Genetics and Discussion
CSES 5233 Plant Genetic Engineering
CSES 5264/5260L Soil Microbiology and Laboratory
ENTO 5133 Applied Molecular Genetics
ENTO/BIOL 6113 Insect Physiology and Molecular Biology
EXSC 5523 Muscle Metabolism

FDSC 4124/4120L Food Microbiology and Laboratory
FDSC 5303 Handbook of Current Molecular Biology Techniques Applied to Nutrition and Food Science
FDSC 6333 Food Protein Chemistry and Functionality
FDSC 6443 Metabolism of Xenobiotics
HORT 5343 Seed Physiology
HORT 602V Horticulture Physiology

HORT 6033 Genetic Techniques in Plant Breeding
PLPA 4333 Biotechnology in Agriculture
PLPA 5603 Plant Pathogenic Fungi
PLPA 6193 Identification of Plant Pathogenic Fungi
PLPA 6203 Plant Virology
PLPA 6503/6500L Bacterial and Mycoplasmal Plant Pathogens and Laboratory
POSC 5313 Domestic Animal Bacteriology
POSC 5243 Avian Physiology
POSC 5873 Molecular Analysis of Foodborne Pathogens
POSC 5923 Brain and Behavior
POSC 5932 Cardiovascular Physiology of Domestic Animals
POSC 5933 Environmental Physiology of Domestic Animals
POSC 5942 Endocrine Physiology of Domestic Animals
POSC 5952 Respiratory Physiology of Domestic Animals
POSC 5962 Gastrointestinal/Digestive Physiology of Domestic Animals
POSC 5972 Renal Physiology of Domestic Animals
PTSC 6203/6200L Laboratory Instrumentation in Plant Science and Laboratory
STAT 4001L Statistics Laboratory
STAT 4003 Statistical Methods

*- Some courses are dual listed Senior (4000) and Graduate (5000) level. These must be taken at the 5000 level. Students who completed these courses at the 4000 level during their undergradute should not take them again at the 5000 level.
**-these courses have both undergraduate and graduate sections. Students who took the undergraduate section may not repeat them or count them for graduate credit.

CEMB Approved Seminar Courses

CEMB 5911 Graduate Seminar
BIOL 5001 Seminar in Biology: Professional Development or Cell Sooiee
BMEG 5801/5811 Graduate Seminar
CHEM 6011 Biochemistry Seminar
POSC 5901 Graduate Seminar

Cross-Listed Courses
These courses are cross-listed between different departments. Only one entry occurs in the listing of approved courses. Cross-listed courses count toward the required hours in the program.

Primary Listing: Cross Listed as:
CSES 5124/5120L HORT 5124
CSES 5264/5260L BIOL 5264/5260L
ANSC 5743 POSC 5743
ANSC 5944/5940L POSC 5944/5940L
ANSC 6833 POSC 6833
BIOL5553 SPAC 5553
FDSC 4124/4120L BIOL 4124/4120L
HORT 5343 PTSC 5343
BIOL 4443 POSC 4443, VTSC 4443
BIOL 5343 POSC 5343, VTSC 5343
BIOL 5352L POSC 5352L, VTSC 5352L
POSC 5923 ANSC 5923
POSC 5932 ANSC 5932
POSC 5933
ANSC 5933
POSC 5942 ANSC 5942
POSC 5952 ANSC 5952
POSC5962 POSC 5962
POSC 5972 ANSC 5954/5950L