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Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology

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Cell and Molecular Biology (CEMB) Program

For more application materials contact the Program Secretary. For detailed information about the program, contact the Program Director

Name/E-mail Research Area(s) Personal Web Site/Links
Adams, Paul Biophysical characterization of proteins associated with signal transduction website
Alverson, Andrew Diatom comparative genomics, molecular evolution, and phylogenetics website
Anthony, Nicholas Poultry breeding and quantitative genetics website
Bacon, Robert Wheat, oats and canola breeding and genetics; Molecular markers website
Balachandran, Kartik Cardiovascular mechanobiology and structure-function relationships; Organ-on-chip development; Development of  hybrid polymers for regenerative medicine website
Barabote, Ravi Omics & bioinformatics of bacteria; bacterial physiology & metabolism; molecular & biochemical genetics of bacteria website
Baum, Jamie Metabolic programming, mitochondrial function, energy metabolism, cell signaling, and gene expression, related to obesity and type 2 diabetes. website
Beitle, Bob  Bioseparation and fermentation website
Bluhm, Burton Plant Pathology website
Bottje, Walter  Poultry physiology  website
Burgos, Nilda Weed and herbicide physiology, genetic diversity of weeds, herbicide-resistant plants  website
Carbonero, Franck Effect of the diet on the gut microbiome, and gut health and disease. Human and animal gut microbiota characterization. website
Cartwright, Rick Molecular aspects of plant host interaction with pathogens interaction and how to integrate this information into rice disease management.    
Chen, Pengyin Soybean breeding and genetics, molecular markers, seed chemistry, abiotic stress tolerance and host-pathogen interactions website
Correll, Jim  Biology, genetics and molecular biology of fungal pathogens of vegetables and rice website
Donoghue, Annie  (USDA/ARS) Poultry Production and Product Safety Research Unit (research leader), physiology  website
Donoghue, Dan  Poultry physiology and food safety website
Douglas, Michael Genetic population structure of avian species website
Dowling, Ashley Molecular systematics of Acari (mites) and other arthropods and its use in studying biogeography, evolution, and the evolution of parasitism; population genetics of pest mites focusing on origins, invasive pathways, and diagnostics. website
Dridi, Sami Avian endocrinology and molecular genetics website
Du, Yuchun Mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomics; mammalian cell biology website
Durdik, Jeannine  Genetics of the immune system. NOTE: Dr. Durdik is unable to accept students at this time.  website
Durham, Bill Electron-transfer reactions in biological systems with emphasis on the reactions involved in respiration website
Erf, Gisela  Poultry immunology; autoimmunity website
Etges, William  Population genetics, pheromone chemistry, genetics of reproductive isolation website
Evans, Timothy Genetics of neural development, evolution of axon guidance mechanisms, embryonic development in Drosophila and Tribolium. website
Fritsch, Ingrid Lab-on-a-chip design and analysis of biological substances: microorganisms, allergens, DNA, proteins website
Gibson, Kristen Molecular investigation of foodborne viruses; application of molecular methods to foodborne and waterborne virus ecology; control of microbial cross contamination from farm to fork website
Goforth, Robyn Protein export systems in pro- and eukaryotes; posttranslational SRP targeting system in chloroplasts website
Goggin, Fiona L Host plant resistance and plant insect interaction website
Greene, Nicholas Skeletal muscle biology, mitochondrial biogenesis and quality control, exercise response and adaptation, dyslipidemia, obesity/diabetes, cell signaling, muscle protein synthesis. website
Hargis, Billy  Poultry veterinarian, poultry health lab director, poultry diseases website
Henry, Ralph  Protein targeting, chloroplast biogenesis, agrimedicine, protein transport, recombinant protein expression website
Hestekin, Christa Separation of biomolecules (DNA and proteins) using microchannel electrophoresis for applications in medicinal and environmental applications. website
Hestekin, Jamie Hollow fibers in artificial lung applications; hollow fibers for tissue engineering. website
Hettiarachchy, Navam Nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, natural antioxidants, food safety; Biochemical mechanisms of biopeptides and diseases website
Heyes, Colin Single Molecule Fluorescence Studies of Protein Conformational Dynamics website
Huang, Yan Skeletal muscle development, Nutrition and metabolism website
Ivey, Mack  Molecular microbiology and genetics website
Jia, Yulin Host resistance, host-pathogen interaction and co-evolution. website
Kim, Jin Woo Biocatalysis technology, nucleic acid technology, and micro/nano-biotechnology website
Kirkpatrick, Terrence Biology, ecology and control of plant-parasitic nematodes in crop production systems website
Koeppe, Roger Membrane biochemistry; ion channels for molecular signaling website
Koltes, James Genomics and epigenetics in domestic animals; bioinformatics website
Kong, Byung-Whi Molecular virology; functional genomics in host-virus interactions. website
Korth, Ken  Plant:insect interactions, plant gene expression, terpenoid metabolism website
Kral, Tim  Methanogenic metabolism, physiology and ecology life on Mars; exobiology; astrobiology; bioastronomy  website
Kuenzel, Wayne  Poultry physiology; neurobiology  website
Kwon, Young Min Genetic/genomic analysis of bacterial pathogens website
Lay, Jackson Protein mass spectrometry, biomarkers website
Lee, Sun-Ok Role of bioactive components in the prevention of CVD, type 2 diabetes, and colon cancer; Bioavailability and bioefficacy of phytochemicals in pre-clinical and clinical trials
Lehmann, Michael Gene regulation, chromatin structure, steroid hormone action, apoptosis, Drosophila genetics and development website
Lessner, Daniel Archeobacteria; Sulfur cluster proteins website
Lewis, Jeff Functional and comparative genomics of microbial stress responses.  Natural variation and the physiology of microbes in the wild.  Yeast and bacterial genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.  website
Li, Jiali Nanofabrication, nanoscale materials science, and single DNA and protein detection website
Li, Yanbin Biosensors, food safety, biological security website
Mason, R. Esten Wheat breeding, genetics and genomics website
McIntosh, Matt Synthetic organic chemistry, natural product total synthesis, methods development website
McNabb, David  Regulation of gene expression, pathogenesis of Candida albicans website
Millett, Frank  Bioenergetics; electron transfer reactions website
Moradi, Mahmoud Biomolecular simulations of protein conformational dynamics, computational investigation of structure-function relationships in proteins website
Muldoon, Timothy Biomedical optics and imaging systems for diagnosis of disease website
Oosterhuis, Derrick  Crop physiology; plant stress, photosynthesis, plant nutrition and plant water relations website
Patitz, Matthew Theoretical and computational models of nanoscale self-assembling systems website
Paul, David Chemical sensors; electronics and transducer design; enzyme electrodes; acoustic wave devices for bioanaytical analysis, rapid diagnosis of food pathogens. website
Pereira, Andy Rice functional genomics, disease resistance, drought tolerance website
Pinto, Ines  Chromatin, histones, yeast, chromosome segregation, mitosis website
Quinn, Kyle Development of optical biomarkers to monitor wound healing for therapy; quantification of cell-matrix interactions during fibrosis; metabolic imaging in live cells and tissues website
Rajaram, Narasimhan Development of functional molecular imaging techniques to determine tumor response to therapy; cell metabolism in tumor microenvironments of metastatic tumors.  website
Rath, Narayan Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Diseases in Poultry; Increasing Gastrointestinal Resistance to Disease  website
Rhoads, Douglas, Director Eukaryotic molecular genetics; developmental genetics, genomics, transgenics.  Molecular genetics of medical diseases using the chicken as a model.  website
Ricke, Steve Food Safety, Salmonella pathognenesis, genetics, and physiology; Food fermentations; Gastrointestinal microbiology website
Rojas, Clemencia Molecular and cellular mechanisms of plant innate immunity and bacterial virulence website
Roper, Keith Photon-induced plasmons in nanoparticle-conjugated nucleotides for DNA assays, sensors, cancer therapy, and cell & gene engineering. website
Rorie, Rick Reproductive Physiology; In vitro investigations of infertility in livestock through oocyte maturation, and embryo culture; Physiological processes in fescue toxicosis in cattle.   website
Rosenkrans, Charles  Embryonic development, cloning, transgenics, gene regulation website
Rothrock, Craig Soilborne plant pathogens: chemical, cultural and alternative strategies for control. Sustainable cropping systems for cotton and other field crops. website
Sakon, Joshua  Protein crystallography; structure of medically or industrially important proteins website
Savin, Mary Microbial ecology in soil and water. Antibiotic resistance and broad host range plasmid dissemination from treated effluent. Nutrient cycling and microbial ecology in organic and sustainable agricultural production systems. website
Servoss, Shannon Development of biomimetic, peptoid constructs for biomedical applications; peptoid-based affinity reagents and surface coatings for antibody microarrays. website
Shi, Ainong Germplasm development and cultivar improvement for vegetable crops; Molecular breeding including QTL analysis, marker identification and marker-assisted selection; Predictive breeding in crops website
Shi, Wei Chemical Biology; Chemical Proteomics; Medicinal Chemistry; Drug Design; Biological target identification of bio-active small molecules website
Silberman, Jeff Molecular phylogeny of eukaryotes to determine relationships within and among major protistan lines of descent, and assessing the contribution of prokaryotic genetic material that led to the creation of the eukaryotic cell and its integral components. website
Spiegel, Fred  Protozoology; mycology  website
Srivastava, Vibha Development of molecular tools for precise integration of foreign genes in the plant genome and of strategies for generating environmentally safe transgenic plants website
Stenken, Julie Bioanalytical chemistry; Bioengineering; Inflammatory responses to implants; In vivo chemical analysis of peptides and proteins website
Stephenson, Steve Assemblages of myxomycetes associated with boreal forest, tundra and other ecosystems of high-latitude; the myxomycetes associated with Neotropical forests; the ecological distribution patterns of all three groups of mycetozoans website
Stites, Wes  Chemical and physical understanding of protein structure, interactions and function  website
Striegler, Susanne Organic Chemistry: carbohydrates, glycosidases, catalysis, molecular recognition, micro- and nanogels website
Szalanski, Allen Insect population genetics, molecular systematics, molecular diagnostics website
Thallapuranam, T Kumar Suresh Protein 3-D structure, dynamics, folding and interactions website
Tian, Ryan Nanostructure surface chemistry for biomedical application; sensor catalysis and  nanoscale architecture website
Tipsmark, Christian Fish physiology. website
Trudo, Sabrina Diet and prevention of cancer and obesity. Gene-diet interactions; whole foods versus bioactive compounds; diet interventions in humans and rat models. website
Tzanetakis, Ioannis New plant diseases, plant virus characterization and epidemiology, virus genes as disease determinants. website
Wang, Yong Combining quantitative super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule techniques and statistical physics to study the interfaces between physics, nanotechnology, and biology. website
Washington, Tyrone Human skeletal muscle regeneration, cell signaling, gene expression, fatigue, atrophy website 
Wilkins, Charles Bacteria and tissue analysis by mass spectrometry website
Wolchok, Jeffery Development of regenerative biomaterials for biological implants with clinical relevancy. Remodeling of extracellular matrices for human primary and stem cells for tissue repair in muscle and vocal tissues. website
Zaharoff, David Development of translatable delivery systems for vaccines and immunotherapies; cancer immunotherapies; biopolymers website
Zhao, Jiangchao Multi-omics analysis of the human and animal microbiome in health and disease, ecology and evolution of microbiome, biomarkers, big data. website