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Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology


Degrees conferred: Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy


None at this time

Areas of Concentration:
Doctoral and Masters graduate studies may be pursued in any area of Cell and or Molecular Biology, including the study of

• Various aspects of cell function, structure, metabolism, and chemical functions on, within and between cells

•The study of biomolecular interactions, the relationships between biomolecular reactions and observed cellular properties, molecular genetics, protein chemistry, biological structures

• As well as the use of molecular detection methods to detect or characterize biological states in animal and plant sciences, systematics, forensics and health care.

The program is an inter-disciplinary program covering several colleges in the University of Arkansas system. Application is made through the Graduate School. For more information, please use the menu on the left or the contacts below.
Program Director
Status of completed applications, Opportunities for applicants,
Dr. Douglas Rhoads
524 Science Engineering
Phone: (479) 575-3251
Fax: (479) 575-4010

Program Associate Director
Applications from fully sponsored students
Arabic-speaking applicants and students

Dr. Adnan Al-Rubaye
416 Science Engineering
Phone: (479) 575-3251
Fax: (479) 575-4010
Program Secretary
Application materials and forms
Terri Fisher
213 Ozark Hall
Phone: (479)575-5865
toll free: 1-(866) 234-3957

Mailing Address
Toll free number

CEMB Program
Ozark 213
Fayetteville, AR 72701

toll free: 1-(866) 234-3957