The following materials are requested from all applicants to the program, including students currently enrolled in University of Arkansas degree programs:

  1. UA Graduate School application form;
  2. UA Graduate School assistantship form (if applying for financial support);
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges & universities attended;
  4. Graduate Record Examination scores (verbal, quantitative, analytical writing);
  5. 3 letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the applicant's academic or work history, who can give candid assessments of the applicant's ability to perform at the Ph.D. level;
  6. a 3-page statement outlining the applicant's plans for an ENDY degree, relevance of prior academic or work experience, current research interest or employment that bears on the degree, special skills, fieldwork experience, familiarity with interdisciplinary work (if any), and future career goals;
  7. one example of your technical writing (juried publication, professional report, chapter of an MA/MS thesis, etc.) demonstrating organizational skills, ability to conduct meaningful research, familiarity with a body of research literature, ability to report clearly on an academic topic, and general writing skills;
  8. any other relevant information that would assist the Admissions Committee in selecting applicants for the program.

The deadline for admissions and funding applications for fall admission is 15 February with notification of admission by 31 March.

To be considered for Teaching Assistantships in Anthropology or Geosciences all application materials must arrive at the Environmental Dynamics office by 15 February.

Students with an interest in the Middle East may apply for Middle East Studies Program support through ENDY. In order to qualify for MEST support, ENDY applications must be submitted before 15 January in order to conform to the MEST schedule. In order to receive MEST support through the ENDY program, applicants must be admitted to ENDY plus be approved in the MEST funding competition.

To receive application information and materials, send your name and mailing address to our e-mail address or mail your request to the ENDY office.


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