Dissertations Completed in the Environmental Dynamics Program, 1998-2004

Dixon, Barnali Mitra, Applications of Fuzzy Logic to the Prediction of Potential Soil Erosion in a Large Watershed.

Fisher-Carroll, Rita Louise, Environmental Dynamics of Drought and its Impact on Sixteenth-Century Indigenous Populations in the Central Mississippi Valley.

Garner, Michael E., Effects of Anthropogenic Activities upon Land Cover Change in Johnson County, Arkansas.

Gould, Dorianne Abra, An Interdisciplinary Study of the Creation of Perceptual Map Layers for Predictive Modeling in a Geographic Information System (GIS): A Case Study of the Roman Roads in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.

Weiss, Elizabeth, A Cross-Cultural Study of Humeri: Environmental Causes of Morphology.

Alakkam, Abdulla Ahmed, Climate Change and Archaeological Site Distribution during the Past Four Millennia in Northern Jordan Utilizing Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Human Tooth Enamel and Geographic Information Systems.

Campbell, Sean William, Landscape Geochemistry of Karkevagge, Swedish Lapland.

Fye, Falko, Analyses of Decadal Moisture Anomalies in the USA, 1500-1978.

McGinnis, Shelley Rene, Factors Affecting Surface-Water and Ground-Water Quality within Tribal Lands of Eastern Nebraska.

Holt, David Harms, Did Extreme Climate Conditions Stimulate the Migrations of the Germanic Tribes in the 3rd and 4th Centuries AD? An Examination of Historical Data, Climate Proxy Data, and Migration Events.

Odhiambo, Ben K., Bathymetry, Sedimentation, Watershed Physiography and Historical Water Quality of Two Arkansas Lakes, Lake Shepherd Springs and Lee Creek Reservoir: A Geographical Information System (GIS) Approach.

Therrell, Matthew D.., Tree-Rings, Climate, and History in Colonial Mexico.

Frentz, Irene C., Human Population Growth and Public Lands

Fye, Falko K., Analyses of North American Moisture Anomalies, 1500-1978.

Al Neimi, Mohamed R., Population Growth and Water Management Analysis in the United Arab Emirates from 1975 to 2000 by Using Geographical Information Systems

McClennahan, Patricia L., Subsistence-Settlement Patterns on the Central Alaska Peninsula, Alaska.

Schubert, Blaine. Dental Microwear, Paleodiets, and a Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction for the Makapansgat Cave fauna, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

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