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Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

CHARLES H. ADAMS, Professor, Director of International Education for the UA, Director, Tanzania Summer Study Program. (Ph.D. University of Virginia),
Teaching Interests: American Literature, World Fiction, Travel Narratives

M. KEITH BOOKER, James E. and Ellen Wadley Roper Professor, Director of Program in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (Ph.D. University of Florida)
Teaching Interests: Science Fiction, Postcolonial Literature, Literature of the Left, Modern American Literature, Modern British Literature, Film Studies, Literary Theory, Transatlantic Studies.

GEOFFREY BROCK, Professor (M.F.A. University of Florida,  (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania)
Teaching interests: Poetry Writing, Prosody, Literary Translation, Modern Italian Poetry, Verse novels.

SIDNEY BURRIS, Professor and Director of Fulbright College Honors Program (Ph.D. University of Virginia)
Teaching Interests: Modern British, Irish, and American Literature; Contemporary Literature; History, Theory, and Practice of the Essay.

JOSEPH CANDIDO, Professor (Ph.D. Indiana University), Director, Theatre in London Summer Program
Teaching Interests: Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare, Drama.

ROBERT COCHRAN, Professor, Chair of American Studies, Director of the Center for Arkansas and Regional Studies (Ph.D. University of Toronto)
Teaching Interests: Folklore, American Studies, Contemporary Literature, World Drama.

VIVIAN DAVIS, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles)
Teaching Interests: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature, Romantic Literature, Drama, Performance Studies, Gender Studies, Genre Studies, Popular Culture.

ELÍAS DOMÍNGUEZ BARAJAS, Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago) and Director of the Program in Rhetoric and Composition
Teaching Interests: Composition Theory and Practice, Ethnography of Literacy, Ethnolinguistics, Latino/a Literature.

JOHN DUVAL, Professor of English, Creative Writing, and Literary Translation,; Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge University, 2010-2011. (Ph.D., Master of Fine Arts in Translation, MA French, University of Arkansas; MA English, University of Pennsylvania)
Teaching Interests: Translation Theory and Practice, Creative Writing, Comparative Literature, World Sonnet, Dante, Medieval Literature, Epic Poetry.

BENJAMIN FAGAN, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Virginia)
Teaching Interests: African American Literature, American Studies, Cultures of Print, 19th Century American Literature, Literature and the Media.

ELLEN GILCHRIST, Professor (B.A. Millsaps College)
Teaching Interests: Fiction Writing, Contemporary Fiction.

MICHAEL HEFFERNAN, Professor (Ph.D. University of Massachusetts)
Teaching Interests: Poetry Writing, Modern American Poetry, Contemporary Poetry and Poetics.

LISA HINRICHSEN, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Boston University) Teaching Interests: Southern Literature and Culture, 20th Century American Literature, African-American Literature, Psychoanalytical Theory, Cultural Studies.

DAVID A. JOLLIFFE, Professor and Brown Chair in English Literacy (Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin) 
Teaching Interests: Literacy theory and practice, history and theory of rhetoric, teaching of English.

MOHJA KAHF, Associate Professor (Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Rutgers University)
Teaching Interests: Comparative Literature, Arabic Literature, Post Colonialism, Poetry, Autobiography, Love & Eros, the Quran, Critical Theory, Gender.

SUSAN M. MARREN, Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Michigan)
Teaching Interests: Modern American Fiction, American Literature, African American Literature, Gender Studies.

DAVIS MCCOMBS, Associate Professor, Director of Programs in Creative Writing (M.F.A University of Virginia)
Teaching Interests: Poetry Writing, Romantic Poetry, Keats, Seamus Heaney, Derek Walcott, Les Murray.

LYNA LEE MONTGOMERY, Professor, Associate Chair (Ph.D. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: Victorian Literature, Eighteenth-Century Literature, The Bible as Literature, English Grammar

YAJAIRA PADILLA, Associate Professor of English and Latin American/Latino Studies
Teaching Interests: U.S. Latino/literatures and Culture Ethnic Studies, Modern American Literature, 19th and 20th century Latin American literature, Central American literature, Contemporary Latin American literary: cultural, and social theory.

WILLIAM A. QUINN, Professor, Director of Medieval & Renaissance Studies (Ph.D. Ohio State University)
Teaching Interests: Medieval Literature, Chaucer, Science Fiction


PATRICK J. SLATTERY, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies (Ph.D. Indiana University)
Teaching Interests: Composition Theory and Practice, Research Designs in Composition, Writing Across the Curriculum

JOSHUA BYRON SMITH, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Northwestern University)
Teaching Interests: Old and Middle English, Welsh and Irish Literature, Historical Linguistics, Latin literature

DOROTHY STEPHENS, Professor and Chair (Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley)
Teaching Interests: Renaissance Literature, Spenser, Gender Studies, Heian Japan.

LISSETTE SZWYDKY, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Penn State University)
Teaching Interests: Romantic and Victorian Literature and Culture, Nineteenth-Century Theater, Popular Culture, Gender Studies, Postcolonial and Critical Race Studies, History of British Abolition and Colonialism, Adaptation Studies, Film Studies, The Gothic Tradition, Digital Humanities, Professional Issues in the Humanities including Alternative-Academic Careers.

SEAN KICUMMAH TEUTON, Associate Professor (Ph.D. Cornell University)
Teaching Interests: North American Indigenous literature, Cherokee studies, global Indigenous literature.

KAY YANDELL, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Cornell University)
Research Interests: Early and nineteenth-century American literature, with an emphasis on the technologies and literatures of American Indian women.

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

RILLA ASKEW,Visiting Associate Professor, BFA in Theatre Performance, 1980, University of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK); MFA in Creative Writing, 1989, Brooklyn College (Brooklyn, NY)

SEAN DEMPSEY, Visiting Assistant Professor (Ph.D Boston University)
Teaching Interests: Romanticism, Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture, Modernism and Modernity, Critical Theory, Religion & Literature, Psychoanalysis, Political Theology, Cosmopolitanism, Ecocriticism, Visuality, Film Studies.

GWYNNE GERTZ, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago)
Teaching Interests: Modern British Drama, Jewish-American Literature, Post-Colonial Literature, African-American Literature, Discourse Analysis, Medical Humanities.

CASEY KAYSER, Visiting Assistant Professor
Teaching Interests: 20th Century American Literature, Southern Literature and Culture, Modern American Drama, Gender Studies, Folklore, Medical Humanities, Rhetoric and Composition, Popular Culture.

TIMOTHY O'GRADY, Visiting Associate Professor

ADAM POPE, Visiting Assistant Professor ( Ph.D. Purdue University, 2013 in Rhetoric and Composition)
Teaching interests: Content Management System Design, Mobile-First Responsive Web Design, Document Design, Technical Writing Methodologies, Technical Writing Pedagogy, and History of Rhetoric.
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PADMA VISWANATHAN, Visiting Assistant Professor.



Mary Angelino, Instructor

JAMES GAMBLE, Senior Instructor, Coordinator of World Literature Assessment Program, Mentor in English TA Mentoring Program, Co-Coordinator of World Literature Program (Ph.D. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: Comparative Literature, Religion, and Mythology; Jungian Studies; Ancient Wisdom Literature; Canadian, British, & American Literatures, Composition and Creative Writing.

LAURA GRAY, Senior Instructor, Faculty Leader for Partnerships in Belize, Literacy Project (M.F.A. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests:World Literature, Composition, Creative Writing, Twentieth Century American Literature, and Global Community Development.

ALLISON HAMMOND, Senior Instructor

BRETT HARRINGTON, Instructor, (M.F.A. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: Composition, World Literature, Creative Writing, and Poetry.

SUSIE SCIFRES KUILAN, Instructor, (PhD, Louisiana State University)
Teaching Interests: Early American Literature, Young Adult Literature, and Southern Literature.

RAINA SMITH LYONS, Instructor, Associate Director of the Program in Rhetoric and Composition, Coordinator of the English TA Mentor Program (M.F.A. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: Composition, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, and World Literature.

KAREN LENTZ MADISON, Senior Instructor (Ph.D. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: British Novel, Trans-Atlantic Literature and Culture to World War I, Post-Colonial Literature, Composition Theory, Textual Editing, and Writing Center pedagogy.

R. D. MADISON, Instructor (Ph.D. Northwestern University)
Teaching Interests: American Literature to 1900, Nineteenth-Century Poetry, the Traditional Ballad, Literature of the Sea, and Textual Editing.

BEN NICKOL, Instructor, (M.F.A. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: Composition, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, and World Literature.

ELIZABETH QUINN, Instructor, (M.F.A. Virginia Commonwealth University)
Teaching Interests: Composition, Creative Writing, Technical Writing,and Literature.

SANDY RANKIN, Instructor (Ph.D, MFA University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: World Literature, First-Year Writing, Creative Writing, Critical Theory, Film Studies, British Literature, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Surrealism (in short: Monsters, Magic, & Marxism).

LEIGH PRYOR SPARKS, Instructor (Ph.D. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: Rhetoric and Composition, Modern American Literature, Literature Written by Women Prisoners, American War Literature, and American Film Studies.

MIROSH THOMAS, Instructor (Pd.D. University of Arkansas)
Teaching Interests: World Literature, Composition, and Postcolonial Literature.

Administrators and Office Personnel

Front Office Receptionist: Elizabeth Stainton Walker 479.575.4301,

Office Manager: Sara Beth Spencer Bynum

Graduate Secretary: Brandon K. Weston

Department Chair: Dorothy Stephens

Associate Chair: Lyna Lee Montgomery

Director of the Program in Rhetoric and Composition: Elías Domínguez Barajas

Teaching Specialist and Writing Program Assistant: Lewellyn F. Hallett

Curriculum Design Specialist : Grant Bain

Director of Creative Writing: Davis McCombs

Assistant Director of Creative Writing: Allison Hammond

Director of Graduate Studies: Patrick J. Slattery

Assistant Director of Graduate Studies: Leigh Pryor Sparks

Director of Comparative Literature and Translation: M. Keith Booker

Honors Advisors: Lyna Lee Montgomery, Carole Lane, Karen Madison

Information Technology Specialist: Amir Hassibi

Writing Center Director: Bob Haslam