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     Americans expect a food supply that is safe, nutritious and affordable. However, recent outbreaks of foodborne disease have made the safety of our food supply a paramount concern to consumers, policy makers, regulatory agencies and the food industry.

     The mission of the Center for Food Safety (CFS) is to conduct research on the safety and quality of food products with a focus on biological, chemical and physical hazards. The CFS is dedicated to the development and utilization of advanced research technologies and to the communication of research findings to assist in building public confidence in the protection, safety, quality and nutritional value of food products.

    The Center takes a farm-to-table approach to food safety. Activities are focused on HACCP-based evaluations of the factors in the pre- through post-harvest food chain that impact the safety and quality of foods during production, harvesting, processing, packaging, storage and distribution. Research efforts optimize existing and new technologies to produce safe food products with high quality and high nutritional value under commercially feasible conditions.

     The program has components within several departments of the Division of Agriculture, the UA Medical Sciences program and Arkansas Children's Hospital. Extensive investigations into food safety with all areas of poultry, beef and pork meat production, from the farm to the consumer's table is conducted through the Food Safety Consortium, a cooperative effort of the University of Arkansas, Iowa State University and Kansas State University.

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