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   The multi-disciplinary nature of the Institute of Food Science and Engineering encourages interdepartmental sharing in purchase and multiple use of equipment. This approach means that Affiliated Scientists have access to a much wider range of facilities and equipment than can be offered by any single department.

   A brief description of the units in the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture cooperating within the IFSE follows. The names of each of the units provides a link to more information about their facilities and equipment.

  • The Department of Food Science serves as the home department for IFSE and houses the IFSE staff and offices. In addition, the department provides analytical laboratories, a pilot processing plant with outdoor preparation facilities, thermostatically controlled constant-temperature rooms and a computerized sensory evaluation laboratory designed according to American Society for Testing and Materials guidelines.
  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering laboratories are equipped with instruments that allow extensive, detailed analysis of food properties.
  • The Center of Excellence for Poultry Science facilities and equipment are designed for studying food processing and evaluation operations.
  • The Biotechnology Center/Food Safety Laboratory's separate research areas include a tissue culture laboratory, hybridoma lab, wet microbiology lab and mouse room with supporting facilities.