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Food Science Department

Food Science Pilot Plant    

    The Pilot Plant in the Food Science Department
offers state-of-the-art equipment for processing products.

    The Department of Food Science houses analytical laboratories, a pilot processing plant with outdoor preparation facilities, thermostatically controlled constant-temperature rooms and a computerized sensory evaluation laboratory designed according to American Society for Testing and Materials guidelines.

     The laboratories and pilot plant are well equipped for research in the areas of raw product quality, post-harvest physiology, food chemistry, process and product development, texture analysis and objective quality evaluation.

     A Model 91-A Multipurpose Laboratory Sterilizer is housed in the Food Science Pilot Plant. Microbial lethality, rotation speed, and steam pressure can be studies for products in metal, glass, and flexible containers. The pilot plant is also equipped with a FMC Steritort Model 610-10 laboratory pressure sterilizer with a LogTec automated control system.  The steritort simulates the operation of a rotary, orbital, hydrostatic and vertical still retorts. It is equipped with thermocouple and data logging equipment to determine reel speed, steam pressure and microbial lethality in any product.

     Other equipment housed in the Pilot Plant include a spray dryer, pilot-scale and laboratory rice mills, rice graders, Alpine jet sieve, steam tunnel, can closer, liquid nitrogen freezers, freezers, boiler, retorts, pasteurizers, steam kettles, centrifugal separators, ozone generators, atmospheric canners, Hobart chopper, mixers, vacuum closer, blancher, lye peeler, ranges and ovens.  Also available are wine and juice equipment such as a stemmer/crusher, presses, wine fermenters, fining and filtration equipment, hydraulic press, plate and frame heat exchanger, evaporator, ebulliometers, cash still, carbonator and assorted other equipment.

     Other major equipment available for use includes refractometers, atomic absorption unit, amylograph, Goldfisch, Kjeldahl, milling equipment, gas and liquid chromatography units, shear presses, Instron stress/strain tester, homogenizers, freeze dryer, high speed centrifuge, computerized calorimeter with transmittance module, a scanning spectrometer, a scanning electron microscope, HPLC and FTIR equipment.

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