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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

ECAW used to kill pathogens on produce

Electrochemically activated water is being tested as a means of killing pathogens on fresh produce.

     Biological and Agricultural Engineering laboratories are equipped with instruments that allow extensive and detailed analysis of food properties.  Major equipment includes a differential scanning calorimeter with a thermo mechanical analyzer, a Satake rice image analyzer, a Satake rice crack inspector, a commercial-style rice hulling and milling system, Brabender visco-amylographs and air temperature humidity control units.

    Complete laboratory equipment for testing rice-milling quality includes a Carter Dockage tester, a McGill huller and #2 mill, Seedburo sizing machine and Satake degree of milling meter, along with bulk and individual kernel moisture content meters.

     Other items include a near-infrared (NIR) spectrophotometer, a computer-controlled Instron Universal Testing Machine, a spray testing chamber for work on poultry processing research, a flow-through electrical treatment system for pasteurizing food processing water, electronic imaging sorting equipment, a scanning electron microscope, a transmission electron microscope and an ultramicrotome.

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