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Biotechnology Center/Food Safety Laboratory

     The Biotechnology Center/Food Safety Laboratory's separate research areas included a tissue culture laboratory, hybridoma lab, wet microbiology lab and mouse room with supporting facilities.

     Equipment includes carbon dioxide incubators, two liquid nitrogen tanks, two ultra-flow freezers, Virtis freeze dryer, Beckman low- and high-speed centrifuges, Eppendorf microcentrifuges, waterbaths, incubators, UV spectrophotometer, HPLC, gel filtration, affinity chromatography, SDS-PAGE and agarose gel electrophoresis units, transblot unit, Savant speed vac concentrator, two gel dryers, two upright and one inverted phase contrast microscope (two with UV attachments), electroporation apparatus, DNA sequencing unit, Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) thermocyclers, ELISA microliter plate washer and reader, and photographic and darkroom capabilities.

Links to Other Facilities Used by IFSE Scienctists: