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The University of Arkansas Enology and Viticulture Research Program is a multidisciplinary, industry-oriented program that addresses research and extension issues in grape cultivar development, production, handling, harvesting, processing, and utilization. The Program was established to conduct basic and applied research pertinent to both the current and long-term challenges that face the Arkansas, regional and national grape industries.

This research is being conducted expressly to improve the production and processing efficiency of the grape, juice and wine industry. In addition to the research focus of the program, its Extension component is disseminating information to the industry and its educational component is preparing undergraduate and graduate students for careers in the grape and wine industry.

The UA Viticulture and Enology Program has undertaken a project supported by the National Research Initiative of the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, grant number #2006-55618-17203. The purpose of this project is to provide research and training to help owners of small- and medium-sized farms in Arkansas and throughout the U.S. explore the potential for grapes as an alternative and sustainable crop. The publications Considerations for Starting a Winery and The Muscadine Experience (2nd Edition) as well as the Uncorking Arkansas's Wine Country website are examples of results from this project.

The program is under the leadership of Dr. Justin Morris, Distinguished Professor, Emeritis. Dr. Morris has over thirty years experience in grape and wine research and is an internationally recognized authority on these topics. Other scientists affiliated with this program are Dr. Gary Main, Dr. Renee Threllfall, and Dr. Pamela Brady. Dr. Mike Thomsen, Department of Agricultural Economics, is actively involved in the Production Economics components of the program.

This website presents a summary of the research conducted by the U of A Program under Dr. Morris. Major topics of research have included:

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For more information about the program, contact Dr. Morris at:

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