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Food Microbiology and Safety Program

     The Food Microbiology and Safety Program conducts research on the safety and quality of food products with a focus on reducing biological hazards. Ways are being sought to maintain or improve the safety of foods through the development of methods for rapid identification, elimination or control of pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins.

     The program has components within several departments of the Division of Agriculture, the UA Medical Sciences program and Arkansas Children's Hospital. Extensive investigations into food safety with all areas of poultry, beef and pork meat production, from the farm to the consumer's table are conducted through the Food Safety Consortium, a cooperative effort of the University of Arkansas, Iowa State University and Kansas State University.

     Research has looked at such areas as:

  • Electrochemically Activated Water to Reduce Pathogens
  • Link to EAW description

  • Effects of Thermal Processing on Food Quality and Safety
  • Link to Thermal Processing Safety Program description

  • Edible Protein and Hydrocolloid Films
  • Link to Edible Protein and Films Project