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Rice Processing Program

Rice Processing     The rice industry is important in Arkansas since this state accounts for almost half of the U.S. rice production. Within the Institute of Food Science and Engineering, the Rice Processing Program is a major constituent of the Center for Food Processing and Engineering. This Program was established to provide multidisciplinary basic and applied research to directly address the research needs of the rice industry.

     Dr. Terry Siebenmorgen coordinates the program.  Other researchers participating in the Program include experts in engineering design, carbohydrate, protein and lipid chemistry, end-use product quality and consumer preference.

     Results of research projects are communicated through journal articles and other research publications. In addition information is provided to corporate sponsors through personal interactions among researchers and corporate personnel, scheduled meetings and a Research Update publication.  More general information is published in Razorback Rice Notes, mailed bimonthly to about 200 people who have expressed a general interest in the program.

     Corporate sponsors are invited to two meetings each year to review research results and overall activities and to discuss and provide guidance for future activities. These meetings are also important to the teaching component of the University since they provide opportunities for faculty and students to interact with those in industry. This provides a greater understanding of the training needs for students preparing for careers in the rice industry and to opportunities for student internships.

     Dr. Siebenmorgen leads monthly Rice Processing Group meetings of cooperating scientists and participating students.  These meetings are designed to communicate activities of the rice industry and relevant professional societies, as well as the internal activities of the program, to all within the rice processing group.

     The focus of the Rice Program research is on post-harvest issues affecting rice. These include drying/tempering, storage, milling/bran utilization, and value-added processing. Projects are designed with a multidisciplinary, systematic perspective to allow maximum utilization of the capabilities and facilities at the University of Arkansas to benefit the rice industry.

The UA Rice Processing Program's website provides detailed information about the activities within this program. Link to Rice Processing Program website