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Scientists affiliated with the Institute of Food Science and Engineering are providing cutting-edge assistance to the food industry to meet the challenges of changing consumer needs and wants. These scientists are listed below along with a brief description of their backgrounds and research interests. For additional information about a scientist, click on their name to open a link to their webpage on their home department/organization website.

Nicholas B. Anthony (Poultry Science, PhD Virginia Tech) conducts research in poultry breeding and selection for traits of economic importance.


Jason K. Apple (Animal Science, PhD Kansas State) conducts research that focuses on carcass traits of beef and swine that affect yield, eating quality, safety and value.


Pamela L. Brady (Food Science, PhD University of Tennessee) major interest is food safety education. Primary activities involve preparation of educational materials for consumers and entrepreneurs.


Philip Breen (Pharmacy, UAMS, PhD Massachusetts College of Pharmacy) develops strategies to control microbial contamination and spoilage of food.


Ronald W. Buescher (Food Science, PhD Purdue) conducts research on vegetables and fruits with emphasis on improving product quality and prolonging product market life.


Julie Carrier (Bio and Ag Engineering, PhD McGill) conducts research in solvent and supercritical phytonutrient extraction.


M. Don Cave (Anatomy, UAMS, PhD Univ. of Illinois Medical School - Chicago) develops molecular probes and fingerprinting methods for pathogens in foods and clinical specimens.


Caesar Compadre (Pharmacy, UAMS, PhD Illinois) develops strategies to control microbial contamination and spoilage of food.


Philip G. Crandall (Food Science, PhD Purdue) conducts research on plant phytochemicals.


Latha Devareddy (Food Science, PhD Oklahoma State) research interest is in how functional foods can be used to prevent/treat chronic diseases particularly cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, and conditions related to obesity.


Donald W. Freeman (USDA, ARS Stuttgart National Aquaculture Center, PhD Mississippi State) conducts research related to development of new and improved aquaculture production and processing systems.


Carl L. Griffis (Bio & Ag Engineering, PhD Arkansas) conducts research in food safety, focusing on thermal processing and rapid identification of pathogens.


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