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through the

The Graduate School

and the Departments of:



Curriculum & Instruction

Mathematical Sciences


Mechanical Engineering

is proud to offer the

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for Secondary Education Science and Mathematics Teachers





Sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DUE-0733841)


Program Description


The University of Arkansas, with the support of the National Science Foundation (DUE-0733841), is pleased to announce the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program to support individuals with backgrounds in mathematics, science, and engineering to become mathematics and science teachers in the secondary schools.  Noyce scholars will enter the one-year Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at the UA and upon graduation and successful completion of the State of Arkansas testing requirements will be recommended for initial licensure.

Scholarships of $14,500 were available to MAT candidates with an undergraduate degree in mathematics, science, or engineering. Scholarships of $10,000 were available for the completion of the final year of an undergraduate STEM degree for individuals who then enrolled in the MAT program to complete their licensure program.  The program encourages the application of racial and language minority candidates.

Responsibilities of Noyce Scholars


Individuals who accept Noyce Scholarships agree to the following responsibilities.

·         Involvement in activities that are a part of the Noyce Scholarship Program

·         Two years of service in a high-need public school as a mathematics or science teacher for each year of support received

·         Provision of annual certification of employment, up-to-date contact information, and participation in surveys provided by program

Failure to satisfy the academic requirements of the MAT program or to complete the responsibilities listed above will result in forfeiture of any remaining scholarship award and will require the repayment of any scholarship payments already awarded.


High-need schools are defined as 50% free and reduced lunch price, 34% or more of teachers teaching out of field, or attrition rate for teachers of 15% or more over last three years.




Scholarship Criteria

·   Academic merit as evidenced by transcripts and letter of recommendation from college instructors.  Those who received degrees from colleges and universities other than the University of Arkansas are welcome and encouraged to apply.

·   Commitment to the teaching profession as indicated by letters of recommendation, a portfolio, and any relevant extracurricular experience. Participation in the PhysTEC program is strongly recommended for UA undergraduates in the physical sciences or engineering.

·   Potential to engage underrepresented communities in mathematics, science, and engineering as evidenced by background, experiences, and portfolio.

·   Financial need as indicated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).



MAT Program

Entrance requirements

1.       Computer competencies will be demonstrated by candidate in a portfolio or by taking ETEC 2001 Educational Technology and ETEC 2002L Educational Technology Lab, or another appropriately approved course.

2.       CIED 4131 Practicum in Secondary Education.  Candidates for the Secondary Education MAT program will register for this new course.   The requirement for this course is 60 hours of experiences with children.  A minimum of 20 of these hours will be in a secondary school with the remaining hours in other youth settings.  These hours will need to be documented by the appropriate organization.

3.       CIED 4023 Teaching in Inclusive Secondary Settings. Students can take this the first summer session before the MAT program begins.


Secondary Education MAT courses (33 hours):

Second summer semester:

CIED 5223 Issues and Principles of Secondary Education

CIED 5243 Special Methods of Instruction I

Fall semester:

CIED 5263 Measurement and Evaluation

CIED 5273 Research in Curriculum and Instruction

CIED 528(3) Secondary Cohort Teaching Internship

CIED 5022 Classroom Management Concepts for Teachers

CIED 5253 Special Methods of Instruction II

Spring Semester:

CIED 5262 Special Methods of Instruction III

CIED 5032 Curriculum Design Concepts for Teachers

CIED 5042 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

CIED 5052 Seminar:  Multicultural Issues

CIED 5232 Interdisciplinary Studies

CIED 528(3) Secondary Cohort Teaching Internship


For more information contact:


Gay Stewart, Ph.D. Arkansas director for the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC)

PHYS 235

University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR 72701



Michael Wavering, Ph.D.

PEAH-311, Secondary MAT



Deborah Korth Ed.D.

SCEN- 301, Mathematical Sciences



Adam Huang Ph.D.

MEEG-105, Engineering



Dennis Brewer Ph.D.

OZAR-119, Graduate School