University Physics I: Calculus-based physics for scientists (including future high school physical science teachers) and engineers, primarily mechanics. The course has an average normalized Hake gain of over 50% over the project, with FCI post test scores similar to, and well correlated with, exam averages.

-- Two hours a week in a large-classroom setting, and two two-hour labs/week, with no separate recitation. Exam times are outside of normal class time.

-- Students either love it or hate it. Evidence on this is anecdotal, but some students in general seem resistant to active engagement learning techniques and state they would prefer simply to be “told the right stuff”. None of them actually like the amount of writing they do in the course, although some students recognize its value. Some of the students who hate the class later come back to apologize and say that some of the things they were forced to do in physics, they now do in their other classes, or that physics is the only class from which they actually still know anything. A few physics majors and (and sometimes future teachers) are recruited each semester.

-- This class needs careful scheduling to not require additional rooms, and preferably some undergraduate learning assistants or apprentices to enrich the available learning experience, but other than that we have fit the course requirements within those available to the course before the reform.

-- Available materials: full course and policies.



Background and details of implementation