To manage effectively, public agencies responsible for natural resources and public lands need input from and collaboration of the people in the communities most affected by their actions.  The USDA Forest Service is responsible for managing 4.5 million acres of public forest lands.  The Forest Service does this under the guidance of Long-Range Plans, the first of which were prepared in the middle to late 1980's.  Those plans are now being revised to reflect current circumstances.  Public input is needed as this plan revision process proceeds.  Moreover, for the affected communities near national forests, this provides an opportunity to try to have an impact upon the plans and to focus upon the goals and objectives they have for their own communities.


            This is a set of COMMUNITY GUIDES FOR FOREST PLANNING designed to help community leaders and community groups participate effectively in this up-coming USDA National Forest Plan Revision process.  The entire series includes the following Guides:


Guide 1: Who is Responsible for Public Lands, Natural Resources, and Environmental Issues (in process)

Guide 2: A Guide to National Forest Planning and Management (available)

Guide 3: Public Involvement and “Participatory Management” in National Forest Planning and Decisionmaking (available)

Guide 4: Summary of the Ouachita National Forest long-range Plan of 1990 (in process)

Guide 5: Summary of the Ozark/St. Francis National Forest long-range Plan of 1986 (in process)

Guide 6: Building Common Ground in Your Community (available)


            These Guides are in Adobe Acrobat *.pdf format.  They may be downloaded and reproduced for use by Extension Agents, community leaders, and community people.  For questions or comments, or to obtain them in other formats (e. g., Microsoft Word) please contact Donald E. Voth, Professor of Rural Sociology, University of Arkansas (479-575-2409,   Those which are (in process) are not yet available.