Division of Agriculture
Soil Testing and Research Laboratory
Agricultural Experiment Station


Laboratory will continue testing soil samples during the construction.

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  • Sample status: Click here to find out
  • We project that the results for samples received at the laboratory by 2:30 PM on November 30, 2015 will be posted by December 8, 2015 barring any unforseen problem.


Shipping address: 008 Lee 214 NAPT
Mailing address: P. O. Drawer 767
  Marianna, AR 72360
Office phone: 870-295-2851
Office fax: 870-295-2432

Dr. Morteza Mozaffari

GPS Coordinates: 34°43'59.11" N
90°46'00.44" W
Mission Statement
The mission of the Marianna Soil Test Laboratory is to provide accurate and timely soil analyses and unbiased nutrient management guidelines that are based on the best available science.
The Soil Test Lab is located 3 miles south of Marianna on Hwy 1 adjacent to the Lon Mann Cotton Branch Research Station.

The Soil Testing and Research Laboratory at Marianna is adjacent to the Dan Felton, Jr., Building at the Lon Mann Cotton Research Center.