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Welcome to the Arkansas Wheat Research web site.

Winter wheat is a significant cash grain crop in Arkansas and the South. Winter soft wheat is adaptable to multiple-cropping system, and can obtain high grain and forage yields under dry land conditions. Wheat is the most important winter grain crop in the southern United States and is typically grown in a doublecrop system with soybean.

State average wheat yields have gradually increased over the past 20 years from about 40 to 45 bushels per acre (bulA) to 50 to 55 bu/A. However, a disparity exists between the state average yields and the yields attained by top producers, who often reach 80+ bu/A. The potential for greatly increasing production of winter wheat exists, but better use of management technologies is needed to realize this potential. We hope that this site will provide rapid transfer of management technologies for wheat production in Arkansas and the southern United States.


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